2020 Election Blues: Asiedu Nketia Insults NHC Prez.

…But Lord Hammer Says Asiedu Nketia’s Leadership Is “All A Dead End”

The General Secretary of National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, who is leading the illegal demonstrations across the country against the Electoral Commission (EC) has begun launching a scattering attacks on personalities who are calling on the party to pursue the matter at the appropriate quarters.
The Man popularly known as General Mosquito, decided to rain insults using unpalatable words against the House of Chiefs President, Ogyeahohoo Yaw Gyebi, after the latter, advised the NDC leadership to go to court with their case to seek justice.
The NDC leadership which is obviously unwilling to go to Court and are rather engaging in violent demonstrations against the EC and the security forces, is indeed not ready to take any form of advice regarding their options in seeking justice.
It would be recalled that several institutions and individuals have called on the NDC to abandon the demonstrations and rather go to court, which is the appropriate avenues for seeking redress, to seek justice if indeed they have evidence to prove they have been cheated in the elections.
Ogyeahohoo Yaw Gyebi in the liked manner, urged the NDC to pursue same than rather engaging and calling its supporters to hit the streets.
This advice did not go down well with Asiedu Nketia who has decided to hit hard on the National House of Chiefs’ President calling him names.
Johnson Asiedu Nketia claimed Ogyeahohoo Yaw Gyebi was involved in a one-sided approach in condemning the NDC’s demonstrations across the country.
He said; ,” because Paramount Chief of Sefwi Anhiwiaso traditional area, had himself been a beneficiary of a rigged National House of Chiefs election, he can’t speak against the rigged election by the EC in favour of his beloved party; the NPP”.
Mr Asiedu Nketia insisted that Ogyeahohoo Yaw Gyebi is a strong sympathizer of the ruling NPP and well known for wearing NPP t-shirts to rallies in Sefwi Anhiwiaso, where he is the chief.
In Asiedu Nketia’s words, Ogyeahohuo Yaw Gyebi is a beneficiary of a rigged election, alleging that the government, during the election of the President of the National House Chiefs, spent an amount of GHS5 million to bribe the chiefs to vote against Torgbui Afede.
“So the chief who is now the president of the National House of Chiefs, asked him how he became the president? If he is a beneficiary of a rigged election, how do you expect him to call for a credible election?,” he claimed.
Meanwhile, a Member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lord Hamah has said that the discussion in the party now should be about who leads it to the next general election and not the just-ended polls.
He argues that there is no need to dance around the party’s defeat in the 2020 elections because it will amount to nothing.
Lord Hamah believes that the party needs to eradicate its leadership and introduce new leaders who will transform the party’s fortunes.
“The discussion must be who will become the next leader of the NDC. That debate must start now or never! The moribund idiocy of dressing the corpse of 2020 general election, reflects a desire of the party bureaucracy to remain in control. It’s all a dead end. The total eradication of the party leadership is the way forward,” he said in a post on Facebook.
But, to the NDC’s flagbearer, the party is upholding the country’s democratic principles and wants Ghana to learn from the election.

Source:Prosper Agbenyega

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