All You Need Know To About Pacminer


Pacminer is one of the world’s leading hash-power providers, offering cryptocurrency mining capabilities of varying scales, targeting newcomers, home miners interested in mining, and even large investor companies, with the mission of making cryptocurrency easy and fast for everyone.

Pacminer uses the latest technology to provide multi-algorithm, multi-currency cloud mining services without any pool fees.

The company’s ultimate goal is to make cryptocurrency mining easy, smart, and rewarding for everyone; its service has attracted over 2,000,000 customers around the globe and more rooms is being created for everyone including you.


There are four ways to earn money in Pacminer.

Get daily income by Renting A Machine to Work for you, and earn daily revenue.

* Team Profit
Obtain Commissions on daily Team Profit.

*B o n u s
Invite Friends and Family and you get instant
invitation bonuses.

*Weekly Bonus
Get weekly salary or bonuses for being a leader in your group.


It may start with a small beginning but quickly moves higher to a high-paying position.

From a team leader of 30, 50, 100, and 200 to a leader of 500 and 1,000. One may have to work with Pacminer for more than half a year, with great management experience and one could apply through Pacminer Consultant to become a Consultant, Regional Director, or City Partner. 30 =GH¢90, 50= GH¢150 100=GH¢300, 200= GH¢600 300= GH¢900
500 1,000 The Bigger the Team, The Bigger the Salary.

Pacminer Pacminer

Pacminer is very well-known. Currently, people working here include pastors, mothers, teachers, unemployed people, retired workers, police officers, party members, and military personnel.

They are people of all ages and genders who want to make money and change their lives when encountering such a good project as Pacminer. You must go all out, many people have changed their lives because of their efforts.


Withdrawal rules
1. Withdrawal requires Vodafone and MTN accounts
2. Withdrawal time is from Monday to Friday, you can withdraw money at any time.
3. The withdrawal time will be within 0-24hours.
4. Withdrawals are subject to 15% tax (automatically deducted)
5. The first and last days of each month are tax-free days, and withdrawals are tax-free.
(Withdrawals on tax-free days do not require a 15% handling fee).


Pac Miner Becoming well-known to people can withdraw money every day and highly withdrawer records.

Who wants to make money and enjoy with us, join now


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