‘Avoid testing and sparking engines before marriage’-Rev Djotepe cautions

Reverend Kenneth Djotepe, Director of Programmes, Ecumenical and Social Relations of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana has said marriage is a serious sacrament ordained by God and should not be misused by prospective young men and women in worldly sense.

He said prospective married people should therefore not use it as a weapon to deceive partners especially women into accepting proposals that they do not mean.

Rev Djotepe, who was preaching the sermon at the Dela Cathedral in Ho on the theme, nothing is Impossible with God,” said marriage before God is a serious business and warned those becoming espoused to avoid callousness in events leading to tying the knot.

He entreated Christians to abide by the tenets ascribed by scriptures and avoid pre-marital sex.

He said those, who use the weapon of marriage proposals to have access to their partners, break their hearts and abandon the relationship to jump onto another, should be wary of their conduct, which is unchristian.

He therefore said sex before marriage was not acceptable and even worse for people, who “try to test or spark the engine to see if it is correct,” is untenable and a callous behaviour.

Rev Djotepe reminded the Congregation that no matter how challenging situations emerged, God’s plans advanced in stages and did new things by repairing damages first.

“Stop looking at others, you can’t be like others and purposely all uniquely made for a good reason.”
He said the character of God’s heart, love and humble in spirit must come with truthfulness, faithfulness and obedience in all adherents of Christianity.

The Director of Programmes and Social Relations said the certainty of God fulfilling promises, willingness to serve, the significance of the virgin bed and the importance of sexual faithfulness should guide all Christians even in this season.


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