Cane Is Not The Son Of Adam, But Of Satan-Man of God reveals


The issue of colour and race has become a serious bone of contention among many in the world, Christians and non-Christians alike, with some arguing that the real people created by God are those with dark skin colour ( those that are referred to as Africans), as their skin colour depicts the colour of clay, the material that God used in creating the first man Adam, according to the Bible.

But despite this argument, people of dark coloured skin have always been portrayed as evil, ( devil) even painting Satan as dark skin and Angels as fair coloured skin, an impression that people with dark skin are the originators of sin.

Several attempts have been made by Theologians and Bible history researchers to correct this impression, with some challenging that even Cane (supposedly the firstborn of Adam) was rather the son of Satan, which is an indication that then he is a person with light skin (what we refer to as “white”) because Satan was an Angel and therefore had a light skin colour, who induced Eve with a gift of “Apple” symbolizing love and had sexual intercourse with her before she also introduced Adam to the act, by then she was already conceiving with the seed of Satan, which was Cane, the originator of sin through whom all “white” people descend.

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One member of the Clergy who belongs to this strong school of thought is the founder and leader of the Great Fire Tabernacle Church, Apostle Okofo Fire who claims that Abel was rather the firstborn of Adam and not Cane, as Satan had already impregnated Eve when he first introduced her to sex before she also introduced Adam to the act.


According to Apostle Okofo Fire, there are so many misconceptions in the Bible, and these he said are calculated attempts by the “whites” intended to misinform and mislead the true children of God.

Source: Robert Ayanful

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