Mahama’s Women’s Bank Proposal is a Vote-Bait

Former President John Mahama’s recent pledge to establish a Women’s Bank if elected has ignited debate across Ghana. While the proposal ostensibly aims to address gender-specific financial challenges, it prompts several critical questions: What is the true motive behind this policy? Is it a reactionary move or a strategic initiative? How will this proposed Women’s…

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Critical Infrastructure Neglect: Boinso Bridge Collapse Highlights Years of Inaction

The sudden collapse of the only bridge linking Enchi and Elubo over the Boin River at Boinso on Sunday morning has thrown the spotlight on long-standing infrastructure neglect in the Aowin Municipality of the Western North Region. This incident has left residents and travelers stranded, significantly disrupting daily commutes and the transportation of goods. Local…

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Election 2024:  EC, public trust and clean election

“Elections without integrity cannot provide the winners with legitimacy, the losers with Security and the public with confidence in their leaders and institutions”. – Kofi A. Annan                             This year 2024 is globally touted as the Ultimate Election Year, as many countries are expected to hold national elections. Ghana is no exception as it…

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Imam Khomeini, Al-Quds And Palestine

As Muslims in Iran and committed Muslims elsewhere commemorate June 3 as the thirty-fifth anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s passing away, they also remain deeply troubled by events in Gaza, Masjid al-Aqsa, and Palestine. Even many non-Muslims have also recoiled in horror at the zionist-perpetrated genocide against the defenseless civilian population in Gaza. The worldwide student…

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