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Collins Gathers More Support For NPP Treasurer Position

National Treasurer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Collins Nuntwiri Nuamah popularly csalled CNN is gathering massive support towards his election as he tours the various regions in the country.

Collins Nuntwiri Nuamah who is meeting with delegates and party supporters outlined the many policies he intends to bring on board if elected to manage the finances of the party, which he is confident will benefit all members.

He urged delegates to consider and trust him with the position as he is ready to lubricate the palms of the grassroots with her policies.

He pledged to ensure the NPP financial status is highly improved as the party prepares ahead of the 2024 general elections in order to make sure breaking the ‘8’ agenda is fulfilled.

Mr Nuamah, who believes in building a solid resource base, both human and financial for the party, pledged to propose for consideration and approval by the National Executive Committee of the party the setting up of Institutional Group Life Assurance and Accident Insurance Policy for all party officers of the party during their tenure in office.

This novel policy in the body-politic, he said, shall provide a safe guarantee for National Officers, Regional Officers, Constituency Officers, Electoral Area Officers, and Polling Station Executives in the event of death, critical illness such as stroke, cardiovascular diseases, cancers/tumors, and accidents.

Mr Nuamah also promised to promote the establishment of business undertakings across all regions to take advantage of, and champion the many policy initiatives of the government such as the 1D1F, Planting for Food & Jobs, Rearing and Livestock for Export in line with the party’s ideology as a Capitalist and Center-Right political party, which firmly believes in Property Owning Democracy.

“Such enterprises will create employment for our teeming youth across all the constituencies in the country and ensure the sustainability of our support base while in government and even in opposition,” it says.

“The party under me shall consider identifying multiple streams of income; including making strategic investments for higher yields, the acquisition of shares on the Ghana Stock Exchange Market and forming partnership with friendly companies to build a solid financial base for the National Party to win elections and provide a Welfare Support system for the grassroots,” he said.

Meanwhile, indications from the grounds have shown positive signs of him winning the position and delegates and party supporters have given their support for his policies that will strengthen the party’s financial status and make it more formidable to battle the coming elections.

Speaking to some supporters of the NPP, they noted that Collins Nuntwiri Nuamah is the best bet for that position as he has all it takes to build a solid resource base, both human and financial, for the party to break the eight-year cycle in election 2024 and beyond.

They noted that the survival of every organisation to a large extent depends on the robustness and prudent management of its finances and that any organisation that fails to protect and promote the welfare of its members is not worth dying for.

They believe that the policies Collins Nuamah is bringing that will take care of cases of death and illnesses of party officers, will go a long way to help members.

According to supporters most of whom are delegates, Collins Nuntwiri Nuamah (CNN’s) vast knowledge and experience in the financial sector and party administration, coupled with his selflessness together with his colleague national executives will make this brilliant idea a reality.

“Let’s come on board and throw our support behind CNN. He is the right man for the job,” they said.

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