Cross River State receive significant boost in Primary healthcare access through Zipline partnership

Cross River State is experiencing a significant transformation in healthcare logistics, all thanks to the innovative drone technology provided by Zipline. Local health facilities in the Ogoja local government area have praised the government’s partnership with Zipline as a crucial step in revolutionising the distribution of medical supplies in remote regions.

Healthcare professionals from facilities serviced by Zipline have expressed their satisfaction with the positive impact of this collaboration on their communities. The difference is most noticeable in the Ijiraga and Mfuma Primary Health Centers, which had previously struggled with frequent shortages of medications and delays in restocking, leading to compromised patient care. However, since joining forces with Zipline, these centres have been able to provide efficient and reliable healthcare services to their patients.

Mr. Augustine Okpotu, the Director of the Ijiraga Primary Health Centre, shared his experience, stating, “Zipline’s drone technology has been a game-changer. It addresses the fundamental aspects of primary healthcare: affordability, availability, and accessibility. The Zipline drones have significantly reduced the cost of procuring drugs and have made it convenient for us to access the required medical products, even amidst challenges like fuel scarcity and transportation restrictions. We no longer need to travel; a simple phone call or text message ensures prompt delivery of the necessary drugs, reducing wastage and drug expiration.”

Mr. Augustine added, “Previously, people were hesitant to visit our primary health facilities due to long wait times and frequent drug shortages. However, now we compete with higher-level healthcare facilities in terms of drug availability, thanks to this advanced delivery system.”

Beyond improving logistics, Zipline’s services have instilled hope and trust in the health facilities they serve. A notable example is a life-saving intervention at the Ijiriga Primary Health Facility, where a patient with severe vomiting and diarrhoea received necessary drugs within minutes through Zipline, drastically reducing wait times and potentially saving their life. Such efficiency not only saves lives but also enhances the reputation and trust of these remote health facilities, giving them a competitive edge.

Mr. Raphael Ochim, the Director of the Mfuma PHC, also praised the transformative impact of Zipline, saying, “Since Zipline’s operations began here, their drone technology and service have been highly beneficial. It is cost-effective, fast, and accurate. We no longer have to worry about transportation costs or travelling long distances to acquire drugs; we simply make a call, and they deliver promptly. Patients are happier, and the number of visitors to our facility has increased. Many are impressed by the sight of drones delivering drugs, which has boosted their trust in the quality of our medications.”

Zipline’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of its operations. Their robust feedback system ensures that healthcare providers stay informed with regular updates on delivery statuses. This meticulous attention to detail and alignment with healthcare facilities’ needs reflect Zipline’s dedication to improving healthcare accessibility.

Currently serving over 13 million Nigerians in Kaduna, Cross River, and Bayelsa States, covering more than 46,000 square kilometres and supporting over 1,000 healthcare facilities, Zipline’s pioneering drone technology has transformed the skies over Cross River State from mere backdrops into active conduits of health and hope. With over 100,000 healthcare product deliveries and nearly 7 million products delivered globally, Zipline’s impact is undeniable.

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