CSNF Urges Public to Join June 8 Cancer Survivors Walk


CSNF Urges Public to Join June 8 Cancer Survivors Walk

Organiser of the Cancer Support Network Foundation (CSNF), Mrs Ramatu Sumani, is calling on the public to partake in the Cancer Survivors Walk scheduled for Saturday, June 8.

The walk is set to commence at 6:30 am from the Accra Girls Senior High School and will end at El-Wak Sports Stadium.

Hundreds of cancer survivors are expected to join this significant event, the first in a series of programmes outlined for June, which has been designated as Cancer Awareness Month worldwide.

The walk is expected to draw a diverse crowd, including cancer survivors, their families, medical professionals, and supporters from all walks of life.

Participants will don T-shirts, symbolising cancer awareness, as they march through the streets of Accra.
Along the route, there will be placards and banners displaying informative messages about cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment options available in Ghana.

According to Mrs Sumani, the CSNF finds it imperative to celebrate this month in Ghana, where cancer awareness activities in June are notably sparse compared to countries like the USA.

She believes that this walk would help dispel misconceptions surrounding cancer survivorship in Ghana and provide hope to patients battling the disease.

“We need to come together to support our cancer survivors and educate the public about cancer prevention and treatment,” she urged.

Mrs Sumani is hopeful that the walk will galvanise public interest and support for cancer awareness initiatives in the country.

She emphasised the importance of community involvement in changing perceptions and improving the lives of those affected by cancer.

“By joining this walk, we are not just showing solidarity with cancer survivors; we are also taking a stand against the stigma and fear associated with the disease,” she stated.

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She encouraged everyone to participate in the walk, stressing that together, everyone could make a significant impact in the fight against cancer.

Founded by Dr Juliet Appiah Quansah, a Ghanaian medical oncologist based in the USA, the CSNF has been a source of hope for many.

The foundation not only raises funds to support the treatment of economically challenged cancer patients in Ghana but also organises educational activities aimed at increasing cancer awareness.

Dr Quansah’s vision was to bridge the gap in cancer care and education in Ghana, a mission that the foundation has passionately pursued since its inception.

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