Dangers of failing 2022 BECE: Do not make a mistake of tasting failure

Dangers of failing 2022 BECE: Do not make a mistake of tasting failure

The reality of the examination is that, there will always be students who will fail, but any student writing the 2022 BECE cannot afford to fail given the dangers and disadvantages of failing.

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the sole examination used to transit students from the Junior High School to the Senior High School. A BECE candidate who attains the pass mark or raw score has a higher chance of being placed in a secondary school to enjoy the Free SHS which started in 2017,  however, if a candidate fails the examination the dangers are just unimaginable.

Before we look at the disadvantages of failing the 2022 BECE, let us understand what it means to fail. In 2017, the government scrapped the aggregate 25 cut off point and also shifted to the use of the candidate’s raw scores as the basis for placing students in Free SHS. However, there are students who still miss the glorious opportunity to taste Free SHS. Such students can be deemed to have failed the BECE and include the following.

  1. Candidates who obtain grade 9 in either Mathematics or Integrated Science
  2. Candidates who were caught in examination malpractices and had their results cancelled or withheld forever.
  3. Candidates who passed but did not make good grades to even get the chance to use the self-placement.

At the end of the 2022 BECE, there will surely be candidates who will find themselves in one of these categories

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Let us look some disadvantages of failing the 2022 BECE

The dangers of failing 2022 BECE are real and any candidate who does not take his or her preparation serious can fail.

  1. If you fail the 2022 BECE, you as a candidate will not get the chance to be placed in any school of your choice, nor will you get the chance to do self-placement. It will be just impossible to go to school for instance if WAEC withholds your results.
  2. You are likely to spend at least one more year are home, preparing to re-sit your BECE if you obtain grade 9 in any of the core subjects. This will indirectly delay your education for a year.
  3. You will feel very bad and left behind when you see your colleagues going to school. This can cause you pain and stress.
  4. Your morale may fall if you have to re-sit the examination with your juniors. That can make you feel awful if you do not get someone to counsel you and encourage you to prepare to re-sit the BECE.
  5. Students who do not do well sometimes bring disgrace to their parents and themselves, which can lead to disappointments.

What can you do to prevent BECE failure and the pain of not going to SHS after BECE.

  1. Take your studies very serious. Do not joke with the lessons your teacher prepare to deliver. Stop misbehaving and wasting time with friend. Avoid the unnecessary friends and stick to your books
  2. Revise very well from now and give all subjects the needed attention.
  3. Try to solve past questions and examine how the past questions are set, and the answers provided by examiners.
  4. Solve all BECE mock questions you come across, and do not be selective.
  5. Understand the rules and regulations that guide the BECE and obey them throughout your mock and preparations. Follow the examination rules at the BECE.
  6. Run away from the temptation of looking for and depending on leaked examination questions before and during the BECE. This can prevent you from effectively preparing towards the BECE.

It is clear the passing your BECE and getting placed in a Free SHS of your choice is the main reason why candidates have to put in all their best to prepare very well, do well and pass the examination. We wish you all the best as you prepare for the BECE.

Source: Wisdom Hammond | Lecturer and Education Blogger

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