MTN Ghana’s Chief Digital Officer Calls for Inclusive Digital Access for All Africans

The Chief Digital Officer of MTN Ghana Dario Bianchi, has emphasized the need for an equitable digital future in Africa, highlighting the importance of ensuring fair access and opportunities for all.

Bianchi shared MTN’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation, emphasizing the company’s mission to provide all individuals with the benefits of a modern connected life.

He made these salient remarks¬† during the 3i Africa Summit, held at the Accra International Conference Center, as part of a panel discussion centered on “Shaping an Equitable Digital Future for Africa.”

Inclusive Connectivity for All

Bianchi highlighted¬† MTN’s ongoing efforts to reach diverse populations across various sectors with digital products and services. “At MTN, we believe everyone deserves the benefit of a modern connected life,” he stated. “We are constantly working on innovative ways to reach people across all areas and sectors to provide them access to digital products and services.”

Redefining Digital Access

One of the key points Bianchi addressed was the need to move beyond traditional USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) technology.

He pointed out that while USSD has been instrumental in providing basic mobile services to many Africans, it’s time to explore more advanced digital solutions that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

“We need to move beyond USSD and explore more digital solutions that are user-friendly for all, regardless of their disabilities,” Bianchi emphasized. He revealed that MTN is currently working on redesigning the My MTN App with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to make it more accessible for visually impaired users. “By incorporating AI, we can create a more intuitive and inclusive experience for our visually impaired customers,” he added.

Collaboration for Accessible Solutions

Bianchi acknowledged that achieving an equitable digital future requires collaboration across various sectors. He stressed the importance of partnerships between fintech companies, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies to design and implement effective digital solutions.

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“There is still a long way to go, but through collaboration between Fintechs, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies, we will be able to design the right solutions to make digital services more accessible,” he said.

He called for a united effort to address the challenges and barriers that hinder digital inclusivity, ensuring that all individuals can benefit from technological advancements.

A Vision for the Future

However,¬† Bianchi’s contributions underscored MTN Ghana’s dedication to fostering an inclusive digital landscape.

His insights highlighted the ongoing efforts and future plans aimed at creating a more equitable digital environment for all Africans.

As the discussion on shaping an equitable digital future continues, MTN Ghana remains at the forefront of driving innovation and inclusivity in the digital space.

Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo

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