My ‘Fa No Fom’ Song Boosts Dr. Bawumia’s Popularity, Claims DJ Azonto

DJ Azonto

Ghana’s Amapiano king, DJ Azonto has made a shocking statement about how he has been able to increase the popularity of Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia after he started using his “Fa No Fom” song for his political events.

According to DJ Azonto, his musical prowess has not only boosted the popularity of NPP’s Flagbearer for the 2024 elections but has also made people love his dancing moves.

Speaking on the Central Prime Time show, DJ Azonto didn’t hold back in emphasizing the impact of his music on the Vice President’s political events.

“Ever since Dr. Bawumia used ‘Fa No Fom’ in his campaign, his popularity has soared. People are singing it everywhere, and it’s become an anthem. I made Dr. Bawumia more popular than ever before.” DJ Azonto added.

The award-winning artiste says he is still expecting some form of compensation for the use of his song.

“I initially requested $10 million as compensation, and I stand by that request. Music isn’t just entertainment; it’s my livelihood. When my work is used on such a grand stage, it deserves proper acknowledgment and reward,” DJ Azonto stated.

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The “Fa No Fom” hitmaker remains hopeful that his contribution will not go unrecognized.

“I respect Dr. Bawumia and the positive message he is trying to spread. But respect also means recognizing the value of each other’s work. I’m optimistic that my request for compensation will be honored,” Azonto said.

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