Eat More Vegetarian Diet To Avoid Contracting Lifestyles Diseases – Kola Braimah advises 

President of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana, Mr. Braimah Kola

President of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana, Mr. Braimah Kola

The President of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana, Mr. Braimah Kola, has advised the public to consume more vegetarian diets to avoid contracting lifestyles diseases.

He said being on Vegetarian Diet such as eating beans vegetables reduced the risk of contracting diseases, stressing that Vegetarian Diet is the only solution to a healthy and longer life.

“Take Vegetarian Diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables such as Oranges, Bananas”.

He, however, urged the public to be more conscious about their diets and how to maintain a perfect lifestyle with the mindset of consuming more fruits and vegetables.

Mr. Braimah Kola, the President of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana, made this observation at the launch of the 13th edition of the 2021 VegFest which is scheduled to come off on the 11th –12th December 2021 at the W.E.B Dubois center in Accra.

The event which is under the theme “Building Strong Immunity in the Era of COVID-19 through Healthy lifestyle” is being organized by the Vegetarian Association of Ghana.

The highly anticipated event is an annual festival that provides the platform for all vegetarian associations, societies, agencies, academicians, researchers, and individuals from all parts of the globe to converge, share and promote the concept of veganism.

The VegFest will witness some side attractions which include Chef Demos, Inspiring speakers, Yoga Dance, visitors among others.

Visitors to the Vegfest 2021 who are not vegetarians will also have the opportunity to interact with members of the Vegetarian Association of Ghana at the venue and learn how to become vegetarians.

There will be a great opportunity for Ghanaians, as well as visitors to taste traditional Vegetarian dishes that have almost been forgotten in Ghana and to listen to some enlightened speakers on varied topics that will add value to your lifestyle.

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Mr. Kola Braimah stated that the participants will have an opportunity to interact and create networks.  Adding that, the event will highlight the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle.

“There will be speakers who will be engaged and they will have their conversations and go into a panel discussion where the public address some of their consents and how to build their immunity,” he said.

“As you know most people who died from COVID-19 died because of an underlining condition and no immunity. Even the president was also advising us to eat vegetables.

“The COVID-19 has even thought the public to be aware and to also eat more fruits and more healthy things, so it is a big educational opportunity for the public,” Mr. Braimah added.



Report By Bernard K DADZIE

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