Election 2020: New CI 127 On Elections Is Tricky – Former Deputy Attorney General

The former Deputy Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Dr Dominic Ayeni says the new Electoral Reforms on Regional Collation Centres introduced by Jean Mensah led Electoral Commission (EC) did not serve its purpose.

According to him, the Constitution Instrument (CI) 127 that allows regional collation after constituencies declaration of results was saddled with challenges.

He stated that the election results declared by the EC do not reflect the reality on the ground, “we think that there was some manipulation especially with respect to collation.

Between the collation that took place at the constituency level and then the collation that took place at certain regional level.

In fact, when the regional collation was established by law under CI 127 which came to the Subsidiary Legislation of Parliament, I had thought that it was going to be a mechanism for efficiency in the declaration of results.

Because once the National Returning Officer had all regional collated effectively on the 8th , then it should be possible for declaration to take place.

But somehow it looks like that mechanism is not serving that particular purpose because as you witness there were delays.

And then secondly, it also gave way for results to change between the constituency collation centre and the regional collation centre and I think that is highly problematic, the former AG opined.

Speaking on GHOneTV recently and monitored by Capitalnewsonline.com, the newly Elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Bolga East said he was happy his people repose their confidence in him for the third time running for the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“It means that I have represented them effectively. In other words, I have acted in their interest and they think that I should continue in their interest.

So I am very confident that in the 8th Parliament, depending on the balance of power we as a caucus are going to perform very impressively.

And I am sure in 2024 we will take over parliament as a majority. A comprehensive majority, not that slim majority we have,” he stated.

The MP was quick to add that the fact on the grounds on the issue of Majority in Parliament are in favour of the NDC.

“In Techiman South we won by thousand and eighty-seven votes, that is what is on the ground,” he stated.

He said Motorbikes were being used to carry ballot boxes from the Constituency to the Regional Collation Centre, a situation he described as mind boggling because no one knows what might happen on the way to the ballot boxes.

The Former Deputy AG said there are a lot of people casting doubt on the Electoral Commission because of the way and manner it handled the 2020 General Elections.

Dr. Ayeni stated that demonstrating against the EC and the actions of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are an act of democratic expression, adding that the NDC can demonstrate and still go to court.

“Demonstrations and the right to demonstrate is guaranteed under chapter 5 of the 1992 constitution, so why are you calling on the NDC to abandon one democratic tool for the other,” he quizzed.

The MP stated that the NDC will continue to demonstrate to the point that they felt they have a comprehensive evidence and decides to go to court or not.

The former Deputy AG, however, added that the NDC would not engage in anything that would cause civil war or anything related to violence in the country.

Dr. Ayeni lauded the leadership displayed by the Flag Bearer of the NDC for not doing anything to hamper the peace Ghanaians are enjoying after the many challenges they (NDC) say characterised the just ended elections.

“In fact, I am very happy regarding the kind of leader we have, because if John Mahama did not have the kind of disposition that he has, okay.

If we had a more militant leader, what has happened in Ivory Coast about 35 people or so dead and so on, could have taken place,” he stated.

He said he prays the NDC goes on to produce great and peaceful leaders like the former President John Mahama.

The Bolga East MP also advised the NPP to emulate the NDC and desist from any untoward action anytime there is an election.

By: Isaac Dzidzoamenu/capitalnewsonline.com

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