Ghana Library CEO Hayford Siaw Wins Africa’s Young Public Sector CEO of the Year

(Nairobi, Kenya) – The Ghana Library Authority (GLA) is celebrating a momentous achievement as its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hayford Siaw, was honored with the Young Public Sector CEO of the Year award at the 4th Africa Public Sector Conference & Awards (APSCA) during the Africa Climate Week in Nairobi, Kenya.

The APSCA Awards, which aim to acknowledge excellence in policy innovation and outstanding leadership across various levels of governance, recognized Mr. Siaw for his exceptional work in revitalizing Ghana’s library system. His innovative approach included the establishment of libraries across regions of Ghana, the introduction of technology applications, and the successful implementation of the “Year of Reading Project.”

Under Mr. Siaw’s visionary leadership, the Ghana Library Authority has achieved significant milestones in promoting literacy and access to information throughout the country. His dedication to expanding and modernizing Ghana’s library network, as well as fostering a culture of reading, has had a lasting impact on numerous individuals and communities.

The Young Public Sector CEO of the Year award serves as a testament to Mr. Siaw’s remarkable leadership and innovation at the Ghana Library Authority. This prestigious accolade recognizes his unwavering commitment to improving the public sector, particularly in the field of education and literacy.

Expressing his gratitude, Mr. Hayford Siaw stated, “It is truly an honor to be awarded the Young Public Sector CEO of the Year. This recognition validates the hard work and dedication of the Ghana Library Authority in enhancing the library system and promoting a reading culture in Ghana.” He further extended his appreciation to the APSCA for the recognition and acknowledged the efforts of his team at the Ghana Library Authority in making their vision a reality.

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Additionally, the Ghana Library Authority received the Most Promising Public Sector Agency of the Year award, further highlighting their commitment to excellence in public service.

These esteemed accolades serve as a testament to Ghana’s remarkable progress in the public sector, inspiring others to make positive impacts in their communities. The Ghana Library Authority’s innovative initiatives, led by Mr. Hayford Siaw, are set to continue transforming the country’s literary landscape and promoting a lifelong love for reading.

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