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I’m totally confused; my pastor says he won’t bless our marriage

Dear Vero

I really commend you for your good work, please listen to my story and help me.

I am a 26year old woman who is engaged to my fiance and hoping to get married to him by the end of this year.

We attend the same church so I told my Head Pastor about my fiance and our plans to get married soon if everything goes as planned, but my Pastor told me that he won’t be able to bless our marriage even when we are ready.

I got worried and had a chat with my fiance and he disclosed to me the reasons why the Pastor said that.

Vero, it turns out that, my fiance was dating a lady in the church and they realized later that they were half-siblings after they introduced themselves to both families

So they were told to end the relationship. Out of pain, the lady attempted suicide but she was saved.

So my Pastor is not in agreement with our marriage plans bcos I joined the church 2years ago and eventually fell in love with him and we started dating

But everything with his ex ended 4yrs ago so I don’t understand why the Pastor is saying the image of the church will be at stake if we marry

And maybe his ex will go through depression again if she sees us marry in the church because she’s still not married

Please what should I do now? Should I leave the church and still go ahead with my marriage plans?

Or should I talk to my fiance so we leave the church together and get married happily elsewhere?

Because I love him and I don’t want to lose him

Please help me because I’m totally confused.

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