Irregular Menstrual Flow Can Cause Numb In Breast—Dr. Asamoah


    It has been revealed that irregular menstrual flow is one of the major causes of all breast cancer cases in the world.

    The situation is said to arise when the breast starts to develop milk during the period of menstruation, but this milk turns to clot into a numb in the breast, as a result of the irregular flow of the menstruation.

    It is said that the numbness gradually develops if not identified early and immediate treatment not sought, thereby developing into cancer.

    This was revealed by the Chief Executive of Asamoah Herbal Center in an interview with Capital NewsOnline at his center at Gomoa Aboso in the Central Region on World Breast Cancer Day.

    According to him, though the disease could be traced in some family lines, only about five percent of all cases are hereditary, with the rest being as a result of lifestyle.

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    Though the disease is common among women, he said one out of every hundred men develops the disease.

    He later allayed the fear that the disease is infectious, but however, advised women to do regular checks on their breasts and seek early treatment when they identify any numbness in the breast.

    He hinted that so far, his center has successfully treated hundreds of women who had numbs in their breasts.


    By: Robert Ayanful

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