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JAK Foundation Launches Youth In Agribusiness Festival

The maiden Youth in Agribusiness Festival inspired by John Agyekum Kufuor Foundation(JAKF) has been launched.

The Agribusiness festival according to the organizers is in line with the JAK Foundation’s quest to establish the youth in an agribusiness information hub in Ghana.


The hub, this reporter has established, would be a one-stop shop where all the necessary information needed for the development and sustainability of agribusiness could be accessed by all young people in Ghana.

One of the cardinal objectives of the festival is to create an environment that would make young people who are actively engaged in agriculture and its related business share their success stories.

The festival, has gathered, also anticipates bringing together major stakeholders and young practitioners on one platform to share their experiences, learn lessons, network, and forge strategic partnerships along the agricultural value chain.


Sources close to the organizers of the festival say the festival would create investment and business opportunities for the development of the agribusiness sector that would be attractive to young Ghanaians.

It is envisaged that the agribusiness initiative would serve as a motivation to whip up the interest of the teeming young people to venture into agribusiness.

Mr. Jeffrey Agyemang Duah, the Convener of the Agribusiness Festival in his delivery said the festival is designed to showcase the outstanding development of the youth people within the agribusiness sector.

He said the festival seeks to celebrate distinguished young agribusiness practitioners by providing a platform for them to share their success stories.

Mr. Jeffrey Agyemang Duah said it was therefore envisaged that by bringing together major stakeholders in agribusiness on one platform to share their experiences lessons learnt and network along the agricultural value chain.

The Convener of Agribusiness Festival added that the festival would serve as an inspiration to generate interest in agribusiness for both employed and unemployed youth especially those who do not find agribusiness as an attractive business venture would be exposed to the achievements of the youth in agribusiness and will therefore have evidence of the prospects and the life-changing experiences in agribusiness.

As a result, young agribusiness practitioners aged 18 to 35 who are involved in technology service provision, agri-input dealing, farming and production, Agri advisory and financial service, processing and value addition, packaging and branding, digital and online marketing and distribution among others will be engaged to share stories.

The 3-day festival will take place in July 2022 at the Jubilee Park and the Prempeh assembly hall in Kumasi.
In attendance will be major stakeholders in the agribusiness sector, development partners, public and private organizations, students, the media, academia, research institutions, and youth groups.

Activities for the festival include: an exhibition of agribusiness products and services, premiering of a documentary about the youth in agribusiness in Ghana, a finance and investment forum, training and agribusiness sector-based breakout sessions among others.

The theme for the maiden agribusiness festival is: “Youth in agribusiness in Ghana, the story so far and the way forward.”

The John A. Kufuor Foundation envisions the establishment of peaceful, well-governed, and economically sustainable societies in Ghana and Africa.

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Therefore, the Foundation seeks to promote effective leadership as the catalyst for good governance and socio-economic development, using advocacy, programmatic interventions, and strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and establishments to transform Ghana and Africa.

The Foundation is founded on three interrelated pillars. Namely leadership, governance, and socioeconomic development.

In line with its socio-economic development pillar, the Foundation leverages the human capital of Ghana’s youthful population in the advancement of entrepreneurship and agribusiness.


Source: Adovor Nutifafa

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