Lack Of Respect Collapsing Most Marriages—Prophetess reveals


    Lack Of Respect Collapsing Most Marriages—Prophetess reveals

    The reason for the increasing cases of divorce among most marriages in recent times has been attributed to a lack of respect among coupled, which is also blamed on the “my rights” mentality of some of these couples.

    Unlike in the past, when couples married until death do them part, Christian marriages are now on the rocks, a situation that is quickly becoming the norm in modern-day society.

    But the Resident Minister in Charge of the Gift of God Worship Ministry in Agona Swedru, Prophetess Grace Norvi has said the situation has arisen because most would-be couples of today rather allow lust to lead them into marriage, instead of love.

    This she hinted is because whereas the man looks at the beauty of the woman, the woman also considers the material gains of the man, throwing love, character, and good morals to the dogs.

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    This situation, she said, transcends all modern-day marriages, irrespective of the would-be couples’ educational background or social status, a situation she said was not a sole criterion in the past.

    She later advised pastors not to rush their church members into marriage without doing proper background checks of the couple he or she is going to be married to, as that also leads to a lack of love in that marriage.

    By: Robert Ayanful


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