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Letter To The Government Of Ghana From The So-Called UN-Experts


Dear So-called UN Experts,

My name is Dr. Samuel Ofori Onwona, a retired Economist who worked with the World Bank (Washington DC) and the African Development Bank (Abidjan) for 15 years each.

I am an Executive Member of the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values. The Coalition is a tripartite movement that embraces all Christian Councils, all Muslim Councils and all Traditional Leaders in Ghana.

We account for 99.99 percent of the Ghanaian population. In case you think the Coalition is solely made up of the aged, I wish to inform you that it also includes two very dynamic youth groups from the Christian and Muslim communities across the country.

In fact, they were part of the select joint committee of the 8th Ghana Parliament and the National Coalition that drafted the Private Bill banning the LGBTQ movement in Ghana.

I also serve as the Vice Chairman of the National Advisory Council of the Scripture Union which works among the youth in our primary and secondary schools across the nation. A brief profile of myself is attached for your perusal.

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I am appalled and dismayed at your letter to the Government of Ghana regarding the Private Bill that has been presented to Parliament to criminalize LGBTQIA in Ghana in all its forms and shape.

First of all, as UN staff, I believe that unless you are deliberately ignorant, you must be fully aware of the socio-cultural values and belief systems of Ghana.

In case, you are again deliberately ignorant of Ghana’s history, I wish to remind you that Ghana is no small country to be toyed with.

We were the first country, south of the Sahara to become independent and open the floodgate for the independence movement that swept across Africa like wildfire in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

I hope you have not also deliberately acquired Alzheimer’s disease to remember that the Late Kofi Annan of blessed memory was the first African to Head the United Nations as the 7th UN Secretary General.

I am reminding you about all these facts to alert you that you are dealing with a nation of matured, experienced and wise citizenry. Therefore, you need to tread very cautiously when dealing with Ghana, otherwise, you will become a laughing stock of the world.

Our own Late Kofi Annan headed the UN for ten solid years, so we as a nation cannot be intimated by the UN nor its staff.

Moreover, Ghana has a host of Ghanaians who work at the UN and many international organizations, so be very careful and tactful when dealing with this seemingly small country.

You will be making a very serious error of judgment if you calibrate Ghana by her geographical size among the community of nations.

We carry weight though we look small geographically! In His infinite wisdom, the CREATOR God planted us at the center of this planet, with Ghana sitting on the Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) and being the country closest to the Equator. This makes Ghana a center of attraction both physically and spiritually.

Secondly, we know the origins of the LGBTQ movement and how they have taken over the entire UN system and other international organizations. In case you did not know, let me please advise you to go on Google and read about Alice Bailey and Lucis Trust.

That will help you to understand why the LGBTQ movement targeted the UN system and managed to ensure one common strategic pillar of diversity in sexual orientation for ALL UN Agencies. This strategy pillar has been the door opener for the LGBTQ’s infiltration strategy.

Thirdly, I hope you are well educated and informed enough to appreciate the nexus of food, medicine and LGBTQ which serve as the tripartite strategy of the depopulation-cum-eugenicists movement comprising of the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum (Klauss Schwab), Big Pharma, Monsanto and the LGBTQ. The rationale here is this.

Western developed nations have kept a very small population growth rate over the years to their detriment. Their strategy was to keep down family sizes and have high per capita incomes.

Unfortunately, in the one-man one-vote majoritarian democracy that they practice, they have realized that if current trends persist, they will become minorities in their own countries in the not-so-distant foreseeable future.

But how did this happen? Let me educate you a bit. They imported migrant skilled labor to fill the demand gap of their skilled labor force in order to sustain their pension schemes.

The migrant labor moved in with their relatively high birth rates and now they are a serious threat to the majoritarian democratic system of the West.

Their dubious strategy is to use the tripartite pillars of food, medicine and LGBTQ to slow down the populations of fast-growing nations of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

MONSANTO is working hard to undermine local agriculture and replace their composite planting material with hybrid planting material that uses RNA technology.

We know RNA technology can alter the genetic make-up of plant varieties using Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). When consumed, crop varieties produced via RNA technology can compromise the fertility rates of targeted races, especially blacks, without any adverse effect on white Caucasian race. Composite planting material can be replanted, unlike hybrid material.

Hence, the MONSANTO strategy is a deadly proposition to make local African Agriculture fully dependent on foreign-developed planting material developed using RNA technology.

This is why at this year’s annual (virtual) conference, the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) released its public protest letter calling on Bill and Melinda Gates to drop the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and stop their operations in the sub-region.

So-called UN Experts,

I am sharing facts based on my own experience as well. I was the Economist on the first-ever World Bank-financed Seed and Quarantine Project in Africa, the Nigerian Seed and Quarantine Project. I met the two top seed scientists in the world, one from Columbia and the other from America, and they both stressed the importance of preserving composite planting material for African agriculture.

I also worked for roughly six months at AGRA as a Senior Policy Fellow after my voluntary retirement to Ghana. When I visited AGRA Headquarters in Nairobi to see the role that MONSANTO was playing in the AGRA program, I returned to Ghana and resigned.

In 2015, I was the Keynote Speaker at the Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, University of Ghana, Legon.

The Late Kofi Annan was then the Chancellor of the University of Ghana and was at the Commencement Ceremony. At the Luncheon following the Ceremony I informed him I was leaving AGRA.

He smiled and told me he had also decided to leave AGRA. I knew he was being diplomatic with his smile and comment. He had sensed something sinister about the program, and as the fine UN Diplomat that he was, he quietly bowed out.

So-called UN Experts,

In case your myopic vision is the cause for your lack of knowledge regarding the real problem of the LGBTQ movement, I wish to inform you that it is a depopulation strategy which seeks to focus attention on human rights as their main goal in order to divert the attention of the general public from the hardcore issues of:

🖝​health hazards via STDs like HIV-AIDS, LGV, renal prolapse and anal/fecal incontinence and
🖝​low population growth rates of western nations that are likely to be overwhelmed by immigrant labor within 20-25 years if current population growth rates persist.

Barely a month ago, one of the dynamic Youth Groups in Ghana, the Advocates For Christ, Ghana (AFCG) invited me to address the cost implications of the LGBTQ on Ghana’s economy.

A copy of my presentation is attached for your information. The thrust of my message was that Ghana cannot afford to waste precious resources on avoidable health challenges engendered by a deviant lifestyle that is a taboo to our society. We need the funds for capital development to grow our economy instead. We need a healthy labor force not a sickly one that is addictively hooked to a deviant sexual perversion.

Fourth, I hope that you have not deliberately forgotten that in 2016/17, the LGBTQ movement presented their case for human rights at the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg France. Their request was turned down by a team of 47 independent judges who voted unanimously to stop their move.

The 47 Independent Judges added that the LGBTQ movement has no right to impose their views on any nation. Thus, you, the so-called UN Experts are acting illegally and will be brought to book in Ghana if your colleagues persist in their stubborn stance on the matter.

Please note that four former Presidents of Ghana have spoken expressly against the deviant lifestyle. The current President, Mr. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo has also added his voice to affirm our position as a nation. We, therefore, take offence at any so-called diplomat who will hide under the cover of diplomatic immunity to flaunt the laws of Ghana and misbehave towards the people of Ghana.

Some Ambassadors and High Commissioners are using bullying and childish tactics of refusal to issue visas to threaten Ghanaian MPs involved in drafting the Bill.

This is shameful behavior that Ghana will not tolerate. As the Resident Representative and Country Manager of the African Development Bank in Sierra Leone with oversight responsibilities for the Bank’s portfolio in Liberia, I functioned as an Ambassador, so I know what it means to be an Ambassador.

One must carry oneself with dignity to earn the respect of the nation one is assigned to, but not stoop so low and begin to show gross disrespect for the societal laws and culture of the people.

Before I conclude my reply to your shameful letter to the Government of Ghana, let me remind you so-called UN Experts that we know that you are also fully behind the satanic Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). I attended the roll out conference of the CSE by UN Agencies (UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO) with Ghana’s Ministry of Health in Accra.

I listened to the falsehood, lies and deception being peddled to destroy the youthful population of Africa through the satanic CSE.

We are also aware of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) program from Canada that has been reviewed by our Coalition and we have fought hard to throw out the CSE from gaining root in Ghana.

We have jointly developed with all the key stakeholders, a more civilized Holistic Sexuality Education (HSE) alternative that shifts the focus from sexual pleasure (for boys and girls under the CSE) to civic education that recognizes the responsibility and accountability of parents, guardians and their children.

Thus, for us in Ghana, the responsibility for the socio-cultural and religious upbringing of our children lies with their parents and guardians, and not the UN system of CSE-cum-LGBTQIA that uses development aid funds collected from tax payers abroad to push the satanic agenda through national governments.

So-called UN Experts,

You indicated in your letter that “LGBTQ people are in every family and every community” in Ghana. Shame on you for your wicked exaggerations! I, the author of this letter, do not have any LGBTQ person in the extended families of myself and my wife and this is the case for the vast majority of the Ghanaian populace, so please stop the lies and deception to push a false satanic narrative. Sure, we are aware that LGBTQ practitioners have been in our midst from time immemorial.

It was there in Biblical times in Sodom and Gomorrah. Due to the taboo associated with the satanic lifestyle, Ghanaians who practice it hide it from the public eye. In times past, they were ex-communicated from the society when caught. Today, they receive a fair amount of beatings, especially from the youth and the opposite sex.

The Private Bill before Parliament is against violence and has made provision to protect LGBTQ persons from physical violence.

We have assembled a comprehensive team of proper experts (not like you pushing falsehood and lies) that includes Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Sociologists, Anthropologists, Medical Doctors, Endocrinologists and Reverend Ministers of the Gospel to assist victims of the deviant sexual behavior.

To date, close to 1,000 LGBTQ persons have received assistance and returned to normal sexual behavior. So the Bill is a two-edged sword.

On the one hand, it shows the olive branch to persons who are remorseful and needy of attention and help, whiles at the same time, punishing Ghanaians (and especially foreigners from the UN agencies, Ambassadors and High Commissioners who use their cover of diplomatic immunity) who defiantly and disrespectfully trample upon the constitutional order of Ghana.

So-called UN Experts,

I would like to draw your attention to a very important factor, the GOD FACTOR in Africa. We in Africa don’t play with the God factor.

You would like for us to buy your false narrative that foreign missionaries led us to God, but we knew God before western nations were born. The Ghana Empire, for instance, was in existence in the 12 Century BC when there was no Europe or North America in existence. In Akan, the Name of God is Onyankopon, which literally means THE ONE TRUE LIGHT.

The first thing that God created was LIGHT, which is the fastest thing that travels at 186,000 km per second. The LORD Jesus Christ declared that He is the Light of the World. Of the 7 days in a week, Akans reserve Saturday for God, which tallies with the Jewish Sabbath Day of Rest for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel in Judaism. We use animal blood to atone for sins, because as the Bible declares in Hebrew 9 verse 22:

And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission.

We practiced African Traditional religion before the foreign missionaries arrived on our shores. It is because of the deeply entrenched God factor that we hold on to the creation story of male and female for human sanctity. We will continue to multiply and replenish the Earth as directed by the Creator God, and no nation or international agency can stop us.

White cartographers have intentionally drawn the African map on world globes to look much smaller than it actually is. Africa, by virtue of its sheer size, is the most resource-endowed as well as the largest continent.

It can easily cover the geographical space of China, India, Russia and North America put together, but on the globe its size has been deliberately scaled down to make it look like a small densely populated continent. In a nutshell, Africa is not overpopulated. Africa is the most youthful continent with a lot of human capital, a key ingredient for sustainable economic growth.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to history with regard to God’s Judgment in the Days of Noah when He used the flood to destroy the world. After the flood, God entered into a Covenant with humanity by planting the seven-colored rainbow in the sky with a promise never to flood the Earth again.

The first ever United Nations gathering took place at the Tower of Babel to build a tower to the heavens so humanity can no longer be drowned. God confounded humanity with languages and dispersed the first UN gathering at the Tower of Babel. God also burnt down Sodom and Gomorrah with fire because of LGBTQ sexual perversion in the days of Abraham and his nephew Lot who lived close to the twin city.

In spite of the flood and fire judgment, the LGBTQ movement has, in our time, regathered at the new UN Tower (in New York where the United Nations Headquarters resides), in open defiance to God’s Order for human sanctity. They have taken the 7-colored rainbow that the Covenant-keeping God planted in the sky, removed one color, and adopted a 6-colored rainbow as their flag to promote sexual perversion. In response to this open rebellion, God is punishing the nations with flood and fire.

If the nations continue to allow the LGBTQ movement to rebel against God’s order for human sanctity, He will intermittently break His Rainbow Covenant with humanity and release the waters (from rain and floods) to teach humanity a lesson.

The so-called experts would have us believe the current weather hazard is a result of carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor). If so, then how do they explain the flood in Noah’s days and the Sodom and Gomorrah fire when in those days, greenhouse emissions were negligible with a minute world population?

The Bible declares that God opened the fountains of the deep, so water gushed out from deep down in the Earth while the rains also poured down. From above and beneath, the Earth was swallowed up in water.

This planet is an island with two-thirds water, so it is very easy for God to destroy it with water. As an anointed man of God, I see more terrible floods and fire hazards across the globe if the LGBTQ movement is not arrested from defiling this planet and incurring God’s fury, anger and indignation.

As an ardent Believer in Christ, I fear God and I am called to proclaim His Word to a dying and rebellious world. Contrary to the false narrative you are peddling, the National Coalition does not believe in violence. We have stretched out our arms of love to assist people we know are victims of a deviant sexual behavior.

Empirical evidence gathered from studies across the globe indicates that the vast majority of LGBTQ persons joined the deviant lifestyle as victims of abuse by close friends, family members and relatives. It is an addiction that requires help to break from.

We, therefore, approach LGBTQ victims with love and not hatred, but we cannot sugar-coat for them the harsh realities of the deviant lifestyle and attendant vices

We have personally met victims of LGBTQ through Scripture Union camp meetings and ministered to them. Many have been restored to normalcy. We know for a fact that the Private Bill will not stop LGBTQ in Ghana.

It has been here and will continue to be here, but it will never be countenanced as an acceptable sexual behavior. It will always remain illegal and a taboo in our society.

This is why the Bill, inter alia, seeks to protect them from physical abuse in order to assist them to move away from their deviant, addictive, self-destructive lifestyle and return to proper human sexuality.

As a Christian, I believe the Bible is the Infallible Word of God and Psalm 24 verse 1 confirms that the Earth is the bonafide property of the Creator God.

I, therefore, wish to suggest that the LGBTQ community relocates to two new planets if they can create them, one for males only and the other for females only.

There, they can have their liberty to practice their deviant lifestyle, men sleeping with men on men’s-only planet and women sleeping with women on women’s-only planet.

Then we shall see how long they can sustain their populations. Why are they refusing to reproduce but desire to adopt the offspring of heterosexual couples? Why do they desire to impose their deviant lifestyle on the rest of the normal population?

Why do they see the dominant heterosexual communities of the world as hatting them but do not understand that they are the ones who are rather perpetuating hatred against the heterosexual community of the world? I suggest you try and address these questions so-called UN Experts and assist the LGBTQ community to appreciate how the rest of the world sees their rebellious bullying attitude.

In conclusion, I wish to reiterate the point that Ghana is not for sale. We are a Sovereign Nation and do not intend to push our socio-cultural belief systems and taboos to other nations. For instance, whiles polygamy is a taboo in most western nations, it is still practiced in Africa among traditional societies.

Recently, Canada jailed two citizens in British Columbia province for practicing polygamy. We in Ghana have never pushed for other nations to imbibe and practice polygamy because it is practiced here. We, therefore, demand mutual respect from other nations, and especially from the so-called UN Experts who are supposed to know better.

Thank you.

Dr. Samuel Ofori ONWONA

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