Lotus International Foundation CEO urges women to undergo periodic breast screening

The Chief Executive Officer of Lotus International Foundation has described the Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a successful one as the organization embarked on an important task of a screening women for breast cancer and encouraging them to ensure they undergo the screening periodically.

Mrs. Fafa Peace Bankas, the Chief Executive Officer of Lotus International Foundation, stressed the significance of women being screened to determine their breast cancer status.

In Ghana, more than 4,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, making it imperative for women to get tested and be aware of their status.

Mrs. Bankas expressed concern that many women in Ghana are often diagnosed at advanced stages of the disease, a situation that presents significant challenges for their treatment.

“Early detection of your status is crucial as it can save you from a lot of stress. Many women have been diagnosed at a very late stage, making their treatment more difficult,” noted Mrs. Bankas during a breast cancer awareness and free screening event in Peki Blengo, in the Volta region.

As a native of Peki, Mrs. Bankas explained that the screening sessions held in Peki, Kpeve, and Gemini are part of the organization’s mission to provide relief to the less privileged and those in rural communities.

She emphasized the importance of extending healthcare access to rural areas, highlighting the organization’s commitment to health, education, youth empowerment, and initiatives that uplift the less privileged and promote overall societal development.

Lotus International Foundation is a dedicated NGO focused on fostering positive societal development. The organization’s efforts span various areas, including health, education, youth empowerment, and initiatives aimed at uplifting the less privileged and advancing societal development.

Beneficiaries of the free health screening expressed their gratitude to the organization for bringing healthcare closer to their doorsteps.

One beneficiary mentioned, “I am extremely happy for this opportunity to get screened; it’s my first time being screened for breast cancer, and I truly appreciate knowing my status.”

Another beneficiary, overjoyed after her screening, encouraged other NGOs to follow Lotus International’s example by extending a helping hand to the less privileged.

The event attracted over three hundred attendees who received free screening and basic first-aid medications, stressing the positive impact of such initiatives in rural communities.

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month remains an annual event, the message of early detection and access to healthcare remains critical.

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