Musah Adam Runs After Family Members & Neigbours Threaten To End His Life

The residents and family members of Musah Adam vowed to end his life untimely after hearing the news that he was practising LGBTQI+ this year February 14, 2022 on “Valentine’s Festive Season”, in La Palm Royal Beach located in Labadi a suburb in Ghana’s Capital Accra Ghana.

Fortunately for Musah Adam a some good Samaritans came in to rescue him for being murdured over his gayism practices where the incidence took place.

Narrating the story to the news team, a member of the vigilante group noted that they saw Musah Adam and one Samuel who happened to be a classmate of Musah seducing themselves so upon approaching them they find out that they were boys.

The crowd gathered after witnessing the actions of Musah and Samuel suddenly began attacking the two homosexuals but however the two victims manage to escape after they (vigilante group).
He further stressed that, the intervention was to make the laws of Ghana takes its cause rather than they the vigilantes being questioned by the Ghana Police Service for any sort of murder committed at their presence.

However, the news spread quickly around the region into the two homosexuals’ inhabitant. Unfortunately, making the matter worse, the vigilante group after witnessing the actions of Musah and Samuel called the family members of both guys; according to some sources gathered.

Such actions undertaking by these two victims have resulted Musah Adam’s family of the planning to end his life untimely for engaging himself in LGBTQI+ practices which is against their Islam Region, Family, Traditional Values and the Laws of Ghana.

Musah Adam especially has since been left desolate by family members and friends.

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