Meet Archibald Kwame Colgan: Ghanaian MMA fighter aiming to star to the top of UFC

Ghana globally has made a name of producing some of the most talented sportsmen from the various disciplines.

From winning major football tournaments to producing numerous world boxing Champions, there have been Ghanaian sportsmen in other disciplines that have also excelled in their fields.

It now appears there is one set to take the world by storm by exploding in the UFC in the next few years.

Born Archibald Kwame Colgan in the United States of America, but popularly referred to as Archie Colgan is an American-Ghanaian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter who is gradually gaining the deserved recognition.

Currently fighting in the Welterweight division, the passionate fighter is aiming to storm the UFC and make it to the top.

In this exclusive interview with, Archie Colgan opens up on his early career as well as his upcoming fight next month:

  • Who is Archie Colgan? [Full name, age, where you are based now, married, any kids]

– Archibald Kwame Colgan, 25 years old, (Denver Colorado USA), I am married, I have a kid on the way.

  • Where do your Ghanaian roots originate from? From your dad or your mom?

– My Roots are from my moms side she was born and raised in Ghana. Her dad (my grandpa) is from Winneba and her mom (my grandma) is from Accra.

  • You transitioned from College Wrestling to MMA about three years ago. How has the journey been? Any regrets?

– The journey has been great so far, I enjoy MMA as much or more than I did enjoy wrestling. I don’t have any regrets regarding my MMA career a few from my wrestling career.

  • Do you see yourself going back to Wrestling and later appearing on WWE?

– I don’t see myself going back to compete in wrestling anytime but I am still involved around the sport because I am a wrestling coach and don’t ever plan on going to WWE.

  • Now back to MMA. What has been the motivation for you?

– to be the best that I can be! I am trying to better myself everyday as an athlete, competitor and a man. I ended my wrestling career on a bad note and won’t do that with my MMA career!

  • Tell us about the dream for your MMA career?

– I plan on making it the a big promotion like the UFC and climb my way to the top and beat top competition along the way! Strive to be the best I can!

  • Where do you want to get to on the MMA ladder in terms of say what you will achieve and regard as you have reached your apex?

– I want to be at the top of the food chain in regards to my weight division. I want to out work people and get the top and stay there for some years to come!

  • You are so far undefeated as an MMA fighter. Your next fight is scheduled for May. Is there pressure on you?

– Correct my fight is Friday May 21st. There is no pressure, I know what I have to go out there and do.  I have to go out there and preform and show all the work I have been putting in. I will show up that night and do just that!

  • Have you started preparations? What will you be doing between now and the fight day?

– I have started my preparations. I usually do an 8 week fight camp for my fights. We are now 5 weeks away so my preparations are getting stronger each week until the last week then we relax and make sure the body feels good! I train 3 time on Monday, 2 times on Tuesday, 3 times on Wednesday and 2 times Thursday and Friday and once on Sunday. I use Saturday as my recovery day/rest day.

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