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NPP Wanted To Crash Us With Executive Power – Muntaka Discloses

The Minority Chief-whip, Muntaka Mubarak is alleging that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had the intention of making his side uncomfortable in the Parliamentary Chamber during the election of the new Speaker and the commencement of the 8th Parliament.

According to him, the norm in the house has always been consensus building in order to avoid any heated disagreements, but their opponents didn’t bother because they felt they had executive power and can use it against them.

“I believe that we need a lot of talking, you saw that in the midst of the confusion and the fight, when we withdrew as leaders and spoke to each other we were able to define the Do’s and the Don’ts and that helped the process to go.

You remember for two weeks, I kept saying that they were not talking to us, I can bet you if we had spoken, sat around the table to talk I don’t think the hell all of us went through we would have gone through it.

But there was this arrogance, thinking that they could crash us,” he disclosed during a live interview on GHOneTV and monitored by

The dissolution and election of a new Speaker were characterized by some disagreements during the night of the elections, which brought in the presence of the Police and Military personnel into the parliamentary chamber.

The Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Election Programming in Ghana have expressed worry with the developments that characterised the dissolution of the 7th Parliament for the commencement of the 8th Parliament.

According to the CSOs, Ghanaians wake up to video recordings and media reportage of the appalling scenes in Parliament for a supposed sacred and solemn process of electing a Speaker of Parliament and swearing of Members of Parliament (MPs).

“The presence of the Military in the Chamber of Parliament was an extremely low point in the proceedings of Parliament,” the statement endorsed by the 14 CSOs and copied to read.

They condemned the arts that were witnessed last night and this dawn at the Chamber of Parliament and called on all political parties and stakeholders to work in preserving the democratic gains of the nation.

However, the Asewase Member of Parliament (MP), said though the situation was unfortunate, “but I hope that this has taught all of them a lesson, even ourselves we have also learnt a lot of lessons from today.

It is clear that for this Parliament, the best for all of us is to work for the best national interest and to reach out to each other. Definitely, in reaching out there would be take away and give away. When all of us understand, I believe it will help the course of this country.

But if it is going to be the usual oo, we will pull a fast one on them, we are in our corner I am sure you will see many of these.

If you bring any critical thing, then we may have to vote in secret and then you would want to maneuver then there will be fights and all of that. But I hope all of us might have learned some useful lessons today.”

He stated emphatically that the nation currently has a hung parliament, “people can choose to call it whatever they want to, it is a hung parliament, hang in the sense if you see the brochure because they are conversant with the rules, it is 137, 137 and one independent, this is how it is.

So those who were tickling themselves and thinking that the one will join us I believe that they will reverse their notes.

The Minority Chief-Whip further stated that in 2009 when NDC was in government and they had a slim parliament with a different of 6, as Majority Chief-Whip he has to constantly close to the other and talk.

Muntaka Bubarak said if the NPP side of the house doesn’t reason with them, they will get the shock of their lives and what happened in the election of the Speaker was the first in a series of what will happen to them.

He added that NPP side should never try outsmarting the NDC side since they will not be successful under no circumstance and they will suffer in the end.

Explaining the reason for their boycott of the swearing-in of President Akufo Addo, he said the NDC which they are partly being in court and it will make sense they don’t show up at all in order to convene their displeasure of the results.

“They have the military, they brought in the Military and we show them that we are in Parliament and walk out shamelessly.

It is important that our colleagues understand that democracy has strived very effectively even where you have a huge majority it is building consensus. And I want to believe that if they had reached out, maybe it could be different, but for now, until this morning we have made our mind. We are not participating in the swearing-in,” he added.

By: Isaac Dzidzoamenu/

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