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Opare Addo Refutes Allegations


My attention has been drawn to a spurious writeup circulating on social media of which, as usual, I have been targeted for vilification, mudslinging and denigration, in the childish dreams of the author(s), court disaffection for my family and I.

While I don’t intend to rehash the fictional imaginations of the author(s) presented as facts, I want to urge all well meaning members of our great Party, and by extension, Ghanaians, to thrash the writeup relating to my family and I, and treat it with the needed contempt it deserves. The current writeup adds to the many fabrications cooked in the dilapidated kitchen of falsehood and served on the cracked plate of deceit that have over the past years been unjustifiably cooked about me. This is Another Defeatist Antics To Deceive Party Delegates .

It is surprising that a writeup which is supposed to be an incontrovertible fact is without an author.
If it was not intended to serve the usual old fashioned political antics of running perceived political opponents down, the author(s) would have been bold enough to add their names to it and be ready to stand by every allegation made therein when called upon to substantiate them.

I am not surprised that these fruitless attempts to pitch me against His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and the grassroots of our Party have  intensified in recent times. This lame tactics only speaks or points to the extent to which some faceless individuals and their corroborators are struggling to resurrect their dead political career. If they want to unseat me they should go to the grounds with concrete policy alternatives and a strong message not these baseless allegations.

For the records, and for purposes of emphasis, I refute every single allegation relating to my family and I in the write-up.

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I am not an agent of Alhaji Baba Kamara neither am I working for him. I was elected by the youth of our Party to work for the NDC and I have done that dutifully to the best of my ability without any regret and will continue to do that.

My family and I never met His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to beg him for forgiveness. I did no wrong to warrant a meeting with the former President to request for his forgiveness. I am sure the former President himself would have a good laugh over this infantile allegation. Again, I was not a member of the NDC legal team that handled the 2020 election petition. This is a known and verifiable fact.

If the author(s) of these pack of lies and their corroborators have any evidence to back their allegations against my family and I, they should confront us with it. Since the writeup bears no author(s), I have instructed my lawyers to take legal action against the person who first published it. I remain committed to the promise of mobilizing the youth of the country to see the NDC return to power in 2024. No amount of lies, denigration and mudslinging would knock me off the rail of achieving this.

George Opare Addo
National Youth Organizer

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