Pig farmers to benefit from Improved semen for Artificial Insemination

Pig farmers within the Ashanti Region will soon access improved genetics of swine semen to increase pig breeding in their farms, following a partnership between Zipline drone logistics delivery and Piper Pretty farms.

Pig Farms within the catchment area will benefit from reliable supply of pig semen for artificial insemination using Zipline’s on-demand logistics delivery network, especially during the estrous cycle where insemination is most crucial.

Since its inception, Zipline has played a pivotal role in transforming healthcare delivery in Ghana. The company has been instrumental in ensuring timely and efficient transport of medical supplies to distant hospitals, significantly bolstering the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

This new project, however, steers Zipline into another significant area of Ghana’s socio-economic development.

Under this partnership, Zipline will utilize its state-of-the-art drone fleet to facilitate the delivery of semen for artificial insemination in pigs, a method increasingly popular among farmers.

The swift and reliable delivery of swine semen to remote areas, often inaccessible by traditional means, is expected to increase the genetic quality of swine populations and boost the productivity and sustainability of pig farming.

“This partnership allows us to apply our robust logistics and cold chain management systems to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of swine semen. Our drones, equipped with specialized temperature-controlled payload boxes, will ensure that the semen remains viable throughout the journey, irrespective of the distance. We believe this will increase the breeding of new pig varieties and production”, said Josephine Fianu, Flight lead of Zipline Mpanya.

Mr. Isaac Asuboteng, the CEO of Piper Pretty Farms, praised Zipline’s versatility in drone logistics delivery as essential in marrying technological innovations with agriculture needs.

“Our partnership with Zipline is a game-changer in the field of animal health. Their unmatched expertise in drone logistics will greatly enhance our ability to serve farmers across Ghana, opening new possibilities in animal breeding and agricultural advancement. We anticipate increasing our insemination doses and ensuring that we do not miss the oestrous cycle because of the untimely delivery of high-mobility semen”.

This partnership is set to elevate Ghana’s pig farming industry by providing a consistent, high-quality supply of semen for genetic crossbreeding through drone operations. This advancement is poised to yield improved breed quality, meat production and bolster food security, heralding a new era of sustainable agriculture and contributing to economic growth.

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