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Predicted 2022 BECE RME Questions WAEC can ask today

Let us take a look at the following predicted  2022 BECE RME Questions WAEC can ask today

  1. What are religious organizations?
  2. Explain any Benefits of joining a religious youth organization’
  3. Give four activities of religious organizations.
  4. Enumerate the following from the ten commandments [i] Commandments no. 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, and 10
  5. Give four reasons why these commandments mentioned are important.
  6. What is greeting?
  7. Give five ways Ghanaians greet each other
  8. Explain four importance of greetings in the society



List 10 examples of bad deeds


(i) Abusing drugs
(ii) Prostitution
(iii) Armed robbery
(iv) Having pre-marital sex
(v) Telling lies
(vi) Insulting others
(vii) Showing disrespect to / disregard for others
(viii) Being late to school / church / other engagements
(ix) Being irregular at school / church
(x) Refusing to do one‟s homework or not doing it properly
(xi) Refusing to do one‟s house or school work/chores
(xii) Dressing indecently / inappropriately
(xiii) Performing badly in one‟s test or examination
(xiv) Refusing to help people when they need help which one can provide.
(xv) Disobeying instructions from elderly people
(xvi) Refusing to surrender one‟s seat for an elderly person
(xvii) Indiscriminate littering of the environment
(xviii) Keeping our bodies and surroundings dirty
(xix) Wasting water and electricity


Give 1o effects of bad deeds
(i) Shame and disgrace to the person and his family/ school/ church, etc
(ii) Arrest, prosecution and imprisonment
(iii) Punishment at home or at school
(iv) Loss of friends / difficulty in making good friends
(v) Low reputation
(vi) Low productivity
(vii) Health Problems / Infections and diseases
(viii) Educational challenges
(ix) Loss of skills and knowledge
(x) Poverty / financial difficulty
(xi) Failure to achieve targets / objectives
(xii) Death
(xiii) Unemployment
(xiv) Mob action / Lynching
(xv) Broken homes
(xvi) Low self esteem
(xvii) Termination of education (dropping out of school)
(xviii) Spiritual weakness
(xix) Delayed Education


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The creation story according to the Qur’an

(i) According to the Quran, Allah created the universe in 6 days
(ii) Allah said, “Be”, and it was, as by divine command
(iii) The moon and sun were created by Allah to give light during the day and night
(iv) He also created the heavens to demonstrate his power and majesty
(v) Humans were created from the mixture of male and female seminal fluid or secretions
(vi) Adam, the man, was created first. Eve, the woman was created next
(vii) After fertilization, the resulting organism is deposited in the mother‟s womb as a seed.
(viii) From Adam, Eve first delivered a set of twins
(ix) Thus humankind was created in stages
The formation stages are „nutfa‟ (sperm) → „alaqa‟ (clot) → „mudagha‟ (flesh) →„adaam‟ (bones) → dressing with muscles
(x) Allah created all things out of nothing, except his might, power, wisdom and goodness


Give any five ways in which humankind is useful to God

(i) Humans obey and submit to the will of God
(ii) They represent God on earth
(iii) They praise and worship God
(iv) They exhibit the attributes of God for the sake of all creation
(v) They are formed in the image of God, and are therefore his children
(vi) They make use of all that God has created
(vii) They continue the creation process through reproduction and inventions
(viii) They have dominion over / take care of all that God has created


Explain any four types of Christian prayer

(i) Thanksgiving – By this type of prayer, they show appreciation / gratitude to God for what He has done for them
(ii) Praise – By this prayer, they express approval and admiration for what God has done and how He did it.
(iii) Worship – Christian express reverence and adoration for who God is (not what he has done)(iv) Confession – In this prayer, Christians declare the wrong things / sins they have done and ask for forgiveness from God.
(v) Intercession – Christian pray for other people for various reasons by this prayer.
(vi) Supplication / Petition – They ask God to do certain things for him / her by this prayer.
(vii) Individual prayers – A prayer that involves only one person and God
(viii) Group prayers – Prayers offered by a group of people for certain purposes
(ix) Congregational prayers – Prayers offered by the entire congregation (people present at church) for a particular reason.


Give five reasons why Christians pray.

(i) To obey God‟s command to pray at all times
(ii) To thank God for his kindness and other blessings
(iii) To praise God for his mighty works
(iv) To worship God for who He is
(v) To request for God‟s guidance, favour, protection, preservation, etc
(vi) To confess their sins and ask for forgiveness
(vii) To purify their hearts and consecrate themselves
(viii) To intercede on behalf of others
(ix) To fellowship with God
(x) To gain spiritual strength and vitality


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