Revealing The Violations Of The Rapid Support Force Militia in Sudan

The Sudanese Armed Forces has expressed strong support for the Jeddah Declaration of Humanitarian Principles, a ceasefire, and the transition to a full parliamentary election.
However, their efforts are stymied as mercenaries from neighboring countries fight alongside the Rapid Support Militia against the Sudanese people.
The Rapid Support Militia rebels have increased their wicked aggression against citizens by murdering, raping, occupying civilian houses, ethnic cleansing, and targeting and damaging infrastructure and public services.
Surprisingly, their violations were documented by the world community, human rights organizations, and international procedures.
However, efforts by the Sudanese government, thus leaders of the army and IGAD leaders to stop the war and the violations against the unarmed people and the destruction of the country.
Several efforts have been engineered towards that including making peace a priority by affirming the Jeddah Declaration and ceasefire, removing obstacles in delivering humanitarian aid, followed by a political process.
Meanwhile, the Rapid Support Militia continues to commit heinous crimes with military support from inside and outside the region.
Though, the Rapid Support Militia and its allies may deny these happenings, new numbers and statistics of killings and injuries as result of their attacks have been recorded providing details of the new wave of bloody ethnic cleansing in Darfur, the massacre that claimed civilian lives through bombing of the Rapid Support Militia.
New reports have also emerged of rape of minors, women and girls, systematic targeting of the health sector, infrastructure, public facilities, as well and arbitrary arrests, disappearance and forced detention outside the legal framework, and the siege of civilians cutting off their medical and food supplies.
Documents released by Al Hakika, revealed that about 1300 people have been killed and 2000 injured citizens have been buried alive and a new wave of ethnic cleansing carried out by the Rapid Support Militia with European warnings.
It has emerged that on November 11, 2023, Rapid Support Militia killed 1300 people in Darfur. Amid these killings, about 310 people are still missing.
It has become an obvious truth that the recent atrocities being committed by the Rapid Support Militia are part of a broader campaign by them and their allied militias to eradicate the non-Arab Masalit tribe in West Darfur; this is a confirmation by a surviving activist.
Since the beginning of Sudan’s civil war, the UN and Western governments have condemned the systematic killings and displacement of the Masalit from their lands. However, these criticisms and concerns have not deterred the Rapid Support Forces from committing more atrocities.
Also, the Rapid Support Forces have forced citizens from Arab Tribes to dig their graves with their hands and bury them alive.
This, have been confirmed by practical evidence of video footages of war crimes carried out by the rebel Rapid Support Forces in Darfur where the forces forced citizen from non-Arab tribes to dig mass graves to bury their killed relatives; some while still alive.
Another interesting phenomenon is the Sudanese Refugees detailing the second wave of bloody ethnic cleansing by Arab forces where Arab-led Rapid Support Forces continued to drive out the African-origin Masalit Sudanese tribe from West Drafur.
Indeed, earlier this year, the Arab forces launched a campaign of killing and raping, driving most of the African-origin Masalit tribe from Sudanese city of Al Geneina and have now returned to finish the mission.
Report from survivors say the Masalit community members were searched to be killed as the attacks intensified on civilians living in the Ardimeta displacement camp and surrounding neighborhood.
The attack on Ardimeta followed earlier actions this year by the Rapid Support Forces, which is a mainly Arab paramilitary force, and allied Arab militias which expelled hundreds of thousands of the former Masalit majority from Al Geneina.
Human Rights Watch reported that the Rapid Support Forces and allied militias killed hundreds of citizens in West Darfur in early November, as well as committing looting, assault, and illegal detentions against dozens of Masalits in Ardimita.
However, the Security Council was urged to urgently consider ways to enhance the United Nation’s presence in Sudan to prevent further atrocities and better protect citizens in Darfur as 8,000 people fled to Chad joining about 450,000 displaced persons.
Washington: 07 December 2023 US Congress member on Wednesday urged their government to apply more pressure against UAE to halt its military aid to the militia RSF fighting the Sudanese Army.
Sudanese Sovereign council member Yasir Alata accused the UAE on 28 November of supplying arms to the militia through UGANDA and Central Africa, linking it to a ʻ mafia state” This was the first official Sudanese accusation against Abu Dhabi for supporting The Militia Rapid Support Force .
Raping of women in Darfur has become the order of day as Sudanese women have been raped at gunpoint by armed fighters during attacks in the city of Al Geneina. Young women from the African-origin Masalit tribe said they were sexually assaulted at gunpoint by the Rapid Support Forces and Arab militia forces during the attacks.
A teenager who narrated her ordeal said she was raped for three days.
A 19-year-old boy reported being kidnapped and raped by four men over three days, whilst a 28-year-old women rights activist was kidnapped from her doorstep and raped while held for hours in an abandoned house.
Forced Prostitution and Forced Marriage
It has been confirmed that there is widespread sexual violence in Sudan, which are sometimes ethnically motivated and used as a weapon of war.
Independent experts appointed by the Human Rights Council said in a statement published by AFP that, “We are appalled by reports of widespread gender-based violence, including sexual violence used as a war tool to subjugate, terrorize, break and punish women and girls.”
Rape, sexual exploitation, slavery, human trafficking, which are racially, ethnically and politically motivated amid prostitution and forced marriage of women and girls have been reported.
Indeed, women in South Darfur have also been facing serious challenges including frequent rape and violation due to belonging to non-Arab tribes. Most rape victims reached Uganda for treatment, facing specialized sites for psychological support and lack of psychiatrists in Kampala.
MISHAD Human Rights Observatory revealed that Rapid Support Forces militias committed rape crimes against women in front of their children and over hundreds of rape victims have been murdered.
Local residents in displacement and refugee camps reported that many women in Darfur refuse to move to safer areas, preferring to stay in their homes, fearing rape and exploitation by Rapid Support Forces militias.
Destruction on Hospitals, Health Facilities
Amid the ongoing attacks in Darfur, the Soba University Hospital was systematically looted and vandalized by the Janjaweed militia.
Militia members have been trained in the Soba area after the outbreak of the war were main perpetrators of this crime.
The militias have vandalized Mycetoma Research Center; the central laboratory, the examination center, SATI laboratory research center, the private wing and the administration block. It is a fact that all vehicles, including ambulances and vehicles of the University of Khartoum’s faculty of laboratory sciences were looted, whilst diagnostic workstations were stolen.
The Abu Saad Health Center was destroyed with artillery fire as continuous artillery shelling by the Rapid Support Militia in the area resulted in injuries to five civilians and caused significant damage to the Abu Saad Charitable Health Center in Square 7.
Following its failed coup attempt on April 15, 2023 to seize power and turn the country into a private monarchy, the rebel militia caused a fire at some facilities of the Khartoum Refinery in Al Jaily by destroying control units of the refinery. The militia then attempted too falsely blame the Sudanese Armed Forces for this heinous crime. The Sudanese Armed Forces hold the Rapid Support Forces and their foreign mercenaries responsible for this major crime and the resulting damage to the facility and the surrounding community.
Also, marauders have burnt and vandalized the Petrol Energy pumping station in the Um-Adara area, looting its contents after the security forces withdrew.
The sure in the attacks and the militia bombings have claimed dozens of civilian lives in Umm Durman area. On November 24, 2023, the Emergency Room of Al-Qamayir reported that militia bombs claimed the lives of 9 civilians and on November 26, 2023 the Resistance Committee of Al-Fitihab announced the martyrdom of 4 citizens from one family and numerous injuries.
The Resistance of Al-Fitihab stated that continuing its terrorist approach, the Rapid Support Militia shelled Al-Fitihab with artillery, resulting in the killing of the four citizens.
The above information is but few of the many atrocities that have been meted out on the people of Sudan.
These atrocities are not happening at the blind side of international community but allegations are that, mercenaries from outside Sudan are assisting the militia groups to perpetrate such violence on the people.
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