Spotify unveils Ghanaian music global impact list for 2024

Spotify has unveiled the first Global Impact List in Ghana, recognizing the top 30 tracks from Ghana with the biggest global impact on Spotify over the first half of 2024. The list recognises Ghanaian tracks that have had the most listens from outside Ghana in the first half of 2024, and were released between January 1 – June 30.

King Promise emerged as a dominant force according to the Global Impact List with several tracks on the list, reflecting his versatility and global reach. His hit single “Paris” is Ghana’s number one international favourite, captivating listeners with its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics. Collaborations like “Favourite Story” with Olivetheboy and Sarkodie, and “Oh My Days’ ‘ with Haile and Smallgod further cemented his status as a global music icon. King Promise’s collaboration with Shallipopi on “Continental” also showcased his ability to blend Ghanaian sounds with diverse musical influences.

The list also showcased the rise of new talents, with Olivetheboy’s “Asylum” and Lasmid’s “Puul” showcasing fresh voices making their mark on the global stage.

Phiona Okumu, Spotify’s Head of Music, Sub-Saharan Africa says “The widespread popularity of these tracks showcases the exceptional talent and creativity of Ghanaian artists. At Spotify, we are proud to support and celebrate this remarkable journey and look forward to witnessing the ongoing global impact of Ghanaian music.”

Below is the list of top 30 Ghanaian songs with the biggest global streaming numbers.

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