Techiman South Constituency Race: Agyei Mensah Korsah To Win With 61%

….FAKS Investigative Poll Reveals

The Member of Parliament for the Techiman South Constituency in the Bono East Region, Martin Agyei Mensah Korsah is likely to win the 2024 parliamentary elections and retain his seat for the second time with about 61percent of votes.
This is based on a survey conducted in the Techiman South Constituency in August 2023 by a team of pollsters from FAKS Investigative Services in August 2023.
Out of the 400 respondents interviewed during the survey, about 61 percent rated the performance as very good and declared their intention to vote to retain him in office in the 2024 general elections with 39 percent opting to either vote for NDC or not exercise their franchise.
When the respondents were asked to rate the performance of the MP so far. “This question aims to identify how acceptable the performance of the MP sunk into them. The performance of the MP is rated as good or very good by a proportion of about sixty-one percent of respondents and the remaining rated him as fair so far in comparison to his predecessors”.
The opinion poll conducted in the Techiman South constituency aimed at gathering insights into the political views and preferences of residents. The constituency is known for its significant trading activities and the citizens’ active participation in political processes. The survey consisted of various questions related to politics, governance, and developments within the constituency. A total of 400 residents were randomly selected to participate in the poll, ensuring a diverse representation of age, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The survey was conducted using face-to-face interviews. The results of the poll indicated a diverse range of political affiliations within the constituency

The purpose of the poll was to gather findings of public sentiments, expectation and perceptions of the incumbent MP, Martin Agyei Mensah Korsah or a preferred candidate. The opinion poll methodology involved data collection from a sample of individuals to understand their views and opinions in the Techiman South Constituency.
The poll was conducted with a sample size of 400 respondents. The data collection method involved the use of field officers who administered a paper questionnaire to respondent in sampled communities in the constituency. The survey was conducted from 25th – 28th of August 2023
Critical analysis of Responses
I. About 95 percent of the respondents interviewed were registered voters.
II. These respondents support all the policies and programs laid out by the MP and the government, indicating a broad public acceptance of the MPs interventions such as soft loan given to traders, financial support for widows and , construction and rehabilitation of inner and community roads.
III. The sizable opposition suggests the need for further analysis of concerns and arguments against the policies implemented in the constituency by the MP.
IV. NPP has a significant lead in public support, followed by NDC.
V. Infrastructure development remains the highest expectation and if well tackled could boost the performance of the MP and the NPP government in the 2024 general elections.
VI. The opinion poll suggested a significant level of support for NPP and the general acknowledgement of The MP’S efforts and visibility in the constituency. The constituents are expecting more developments in critical infrastructure such as road networks, working street lights modern toilet facilities and so on. They also expects financial aid, employment opportunities portable water among others. The provision of tese facilities and support ahead of the 2024 general election would no doubt increase the votes of the ruling government and that of the MP,the research suggests.

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