Tema International School Sets New Theatrical Standard with ‘The Prince of Egypt’.

Tema International School (TIS) once again left audiences spellbound with their breathtaking adaptation of “The Prince of Egypt.” This milestone production, held at the National Theatre of Accra, was nothing short of a Broadway spectacle.

On Saturday, 18 November, the National Theatre stage came alive with an unforgettable performance that transported the audience back in time to ancient Egypt. TIS students and staff showcased their immense talent in a production that can only be described as mind-blowing.

The production’s success was a result of meticulous attention to detail, from the colourful and highly creative costumes to the stunning makeup that brought the characters to life. The realistic set and props whisked the audience away to a different era, creating an immersive experience.

The musical, featuring high-quality live music sung by TIS students, tugged at the heartstrings and left a lasting impact. The TIS orchestra and band displayed their passion for each instrument as they played live from the backstage. Their graceful and perfectly choreographed dance routines brought each scene to life in a captivating and moving way. Additionally, the production featured enchanting and mesmerising magical effects, including the breathtaking opening of the Red Sea and the enchanting appearance of snakes, which left the audience in a state of wonder and awe. The characterisation and use of theatre techniques were exemplary, setting a new standard for theatrical excellence.

TIS went beyond the stage to make a meaningful impact in the community. The school (parents, alumni and staff) sponsored over 50 children from local schools and orphanages, including St. Nicholas Charity Foundation School in Tema New Town and Floating Crystal Academy in Ashaiman, to attend the show. For all these children, it was their first time experiencing the magic of theatre, and their joy was palpable. For some of them, it was their first time visiting Accra.

The lobby of the National Theatre was impeccably organised and adorned with the four pillars of TIS: Academics, Sports, Service, and Culture. This attention to detail reflected the school’s commitment to the arts and its dedication to providing a holistic education.

Several other schools attended the show, including Ghana International School, SOS-Hermann Gmeiner College in Tema, Tema Ridge School, All-Rayan, and Lincoln School. Students from these schools expressed inspiration and awe, praising TIS for putting on such a show with the aim of raising funds for babies with Anorectal Malformation at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

When speaking to some of the Cast and Crew, they expressed their joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such a production: “When I joined TIS 3 years ago, one of the reasons was the enriching after-school and CAS programme, the opportunity to excel not only in academics but in the arts, sport, and service to the community. Now, I stand on this stage with so much pride. Proud of my school, my peers, and myself.”

One of the main Cast shared the ride, “it was not only a challenging and eye-opening experience, it was fun, and the bond we have created with each other will last a lifetime. I am so honoured.”

The alumni showed in their numbers and expressed their admiration for the school’s ethos and commitment to the arts. “TIS is my alma mater; I graduated in 2016, and I participated in previous productions such as The Lion King. I remember in my time, you would want to join a production, no matter how small your role was; you just wanted to be a part of it. I am here after seven years since I graduated, and I am so proud. It keeps getting better each time.”

Speaking to audience members: Some expressed their desire to join Tema International School and how inspired they left the theatre. “This was not just a show; it was an experience that I never expected to have here in Ghana.”

The production Coordinator, Mrs Surama King, shared, “I’ve been a part of the TIS community for almost 14 years. The school doesn’t just provide opportunities for students; it extends that commitment to every community member, inspiring us to strive for excellence continually. This production, involving over 250 people, including 190 students from our primary and main campuses and dedicated staff from various departments, has been a labour of love for the past nine months. It truly reflects our Co-founders’ vision of holistic education.”

At the curtain call, Ms Yvonne Tagoe, the school’s MYP Coordinator and Math teacher expressed her pride and joy, saying, “When our principal, Dr Ken Darvall, said five years ago on this very stage that the cast and production team had set the benchmark high, I thought then, how much higher can one go? Well, here is another example of pushing the limits.” She also shows appreciation by saying:” Just being here by buying a ticket is giving hope to a baby with anorectal malformation to receive corrective surgery and also providing Korle Bu Teaching Hospital with an ultrasound machine, and I thank you.”

Parents turned out in large numbers to support the production, expressing their gratitude for the school’s vision of holistic education and their satisfaction with the opportunities it provides for their children. One parent remarked, “It’s a pity the theatre wasn’t completely filled; such a show should have been sold out. Their efforts were simply spectacular. As Ghanaians, we must appreciate and support the arts.”

Another parent enthusiastically voiced their opinion, stating, “This production deserves to be shown on national television, as it serves not only as entertainment but as a source of inspiration and education, highlighting the immense value of creativity. It is imperative that schools in Ghana actively foster opportunities for artistic expression. ‘The Prince of Egypt’ carries a timeless message of faith, emphasising the enduring power of hope, faith, and unity.”

The school’s founding family, the board of governors, principal, teachers, hostel parents, coordinators, and the incredibly talented students deserve commendation for their outstanding work on this remarkable production. Tema International School has set a new standard in the world of theatre, leaving audiences in awe and making Ghanaians proud. TIS has once again proven they are trendsetters in education, service to the community, and the arts.

Congratulations, TIS, on an incredible achievement!

For more information about Tema International School, please visit www.tis.edu.gh or contact info@tis.edu.gh.

Tema International School (TIS), an esteemed IB World School, provides a comprehensive educational experience through its Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, and Diploma Programmes. Situated in Accra, Ghana, TIS has garnered international recognition for its unwavering commitment to holistic education and remarkable accomplishments in the arts. With two decades of history, TIS consistently maintains exceptional academic, sports, service, and culture standards. The school’s mission revolves around nurturing well-rounded individuals who attain academic excellence and exhibit social responsibility and cultural awareness. This dedication places TIS at the forefront of educational excellence nationally and globally.

Picture credits: Sprint Multimedia


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