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The Empty Effusions of a Failed Regional Minister

A certain Avea Nsoh, who was kicked out of office as Upper East Regional Minister for classically failing to run the Region effectively, is unrepentantly continuing to exhibit his inherent social misfit traits.

This classic failure in life, went further to prove his managerial deficiencies when he was handpicked and appointed Principal for the College of Languages Education, Ajumako; a satellite campus of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).
For the four (4) years that this clown was the College Principal, no single physical project initiated, was completed successfully.

In addition to the above widely acknowledged failings of Avea, upon the expiry of his tenure as College Principal, and following the appointment of a successor after a competitive selection, Avea adamantly refused to hand over till date. And this idiot had the effrontery to open his maggot infested mouth and claim that the most successful Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UEW, Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, avoided handing over. What a bleeding liar-cum-classic paradox!

Let Avea and other deluded persons be reminded that, I have no fear of all their evil machinations; be they open, such as the gibberish writings of Avea, or the underground use of shrines, voodoo and other devilish and satanic mediums, all in failed bids to eliminate me.
Any voodoo priest, juju man, pastor, mallam, or whosoever, who demands a black cow or red cow to facilitate killing me, is only directing his foolish client to bring him enough meat to grace his soup, period!!

Recently, a staff of UEW who hails from the north, and who claims to be a Prince or something like that, sought the assistance of a shrine from his hometown, and was given assurance that the untouchable son of the upright peasant farmer, will die in about ten (10) days. It is over a month now, and the shrine is yet to make a move.
How can something that CANNOT save itself from the vagaries of the weather touch me? What a waste of time and resources!

If Avea is so daft that he has no clue as to what to do if he has a gut feeling that any of my qualifications or promotion is clothed with question marks, he is at liberty to consult the poodle Dawda Eric and his blind paymaster (Afenyo), for tutorials on how to submit a petition to any investigative body to vet my certificates and the grounds for my promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer.

When I intercepted the report of the then National Accreditation Board (NAB) investigations into my qualifications arising out of Dawda’s petition, I was all set to sue Dawda and his blind paymaster for defamation for their categorical statements hurled against me in their petition, but respectable people in society advised me not to.

Avea is counseled to further petition the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAC), to investigate the circumstances surrounding the presence of the huge population of insane people in Winneba. A known crook who is into voodoo and occultism, is not far from being responsible for this unhealthy development.

The ignorant and good-for-nothing Avea disgraced himself big time by commenting on the award of contracts during Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni’s tenure. What does Avea know about the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663) as amended?
I do hereby accept responsibility for all contracts awarded during Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni’s administration, so Avea should immediately proceed and petition EOCO to probe all contracts awarded under Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni. Am yearning to be locked up and the key thrown into the sea for procurement violations committed by the administration of Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni!!!

It is public knowledge that, Avea is very stupid. However, let me educate those who care to know about a possible procurement breach about to take place in UEW.

The University is planning to graduate students between the 13th and 17th of December, 2021. Today’s date is 23rd November, 2021. So it is barely twenty (20) days to the graduation ceremony, and yet, results are expected to be finalized on Friday, 26th November (17 days to the graduation ceremony).

Brochures and other paraphernalia are yet to be procured by the University for the ceremony. Fact is, until the exact numbers and classes of the graduands for the various programmes are known, a contract cannot be awarded for the printing of the graduation brochures and others.

Under normal procurement processes, request from Academic Affairs to the Procurement Office for the printing of the brochures, would take at least, one month. Where is the time to go strictly by Act 663 for graduations to take place as planned?
For the sake of the graduating students and UEW, I will not go into details of the possible application of ‘voodoo’ procurement of the graduation brochures.

By the way, who has insulted leadership in this country more than this hopeless and useless Avea? The President of the Republic, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, and the former Minister of Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, got their fare share of Avea’s vituperations.
I am yet to start insulting leadership, so all leaders should brace up!
If Avea is a really a person vested with some semblance of authority and not useless and hopeless, he should go ahead and sack me from the employ of UEW today; that is this Tuesday 23rd November, 2021.

In conclusion, Avea and his fellow ignoramuses are reminded that, apart from Allah, I fear no one, so they should have this in mind at all times in their dealings with me.

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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