The Masks falling: Documentary on war crimes and human rights violations in Sudan

Documentary by the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights on the happenings in Sudan.

This Documentary in a collaborative with Sudan plus, in collaboration with the Sudanese Observatory for Human Rights, entitled The Masks falling, which show the war crimes and human rights violations committed by the Rapid Support Forces since the April 15 war.

This documentary reflected to local and international public media a small part of the Sudanese suffering in the past nine months.

A call is made on the international community and all those working in the field of human rights to shed light on what is happening in Sudan and to support the Sudanese’s choice to redress their grievances in compensation for what they lost and to punish the perpetrators by referring them to the Sudanese judiciary and imposing the harshest necessary penalties on them.

The Sudanese Armed Forces has expressed strong support for the Jeddah Declaration of Humanitarian Principles, a ceasefire, and the transition to a full parliamentary election.

However, their efforts are stymied as mercenaries from neighboring countries fight alongside the Rapid Support Militia against the Sudanese people.

The Rapid Support Militia rebels have increased their wicked aggression against citizens by murdering, raping, occupying civilian houses, ethnic cleansing, and targeting and damaging infrastructure and public services.
Surprisingly, their violations were documented by the world community, human rights organizations, and international procedures.

However, efforts by the Sudanese government, thus leaders of the army and IGAD leaders to stop the war and the violations against the unarmed people and the destruction of the country.

Several efforts have been engineered towards that including making peace a priority by affirming the Jeddah Declaration and ceasefire, removing obstacles in delivering humanitarian aid, followed by a political process.

Meanwhile, the Rapid Support Militia continues to commit heinous crimes with military support from inside and outside the region.

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