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The Outstanding Activities of A Nurse in Addressing Various Public Health Issues in Ghana

SEPH-Ghana is a non-profit, non-governmental public health awareness creation organization that consists mainly of, but not limited to, a group of health care professionals including public health professionals, doctors, nurses, nutritionists among others, which set out to among other objectives, sensitize the public on the dangers of smoking and other substance abuse to individual and community health.

This, they achieved, by aiding people who were addicted to smoking quit smoking, together with enforcing the Legislative Instrument on public smoking, in Ghana, Togo, Benin and other neighboring countries in Africa.

This organization led by a Community Health Nurse who is currently reading Bachelor of Science Physician Assistantship has been promoting public health and assisting in the addressing of other health-related issues in the Nkwanta-North District of the Oti Region, and the country at large over the last couple of years.


For instance, in 2015 when fire gutted the National Medical Stores, the organization offered assistance to pregnant women in the Nkwanta North and Kadjebi-Asato Districts of the then Volta Region, through donations of various routine ante-natal drugs and medications such as folic acid, ferrous sulphate among others, in addition to providing access to free ultrasound scanning services, to the health facilities via the Health Directorates of the respective Districts.

In the wake of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Ghana, widespread misconceptions about the disease with its consequent disregard for safety protocols, he led his group to organizing a sensitization campaign across the country, more so in the Nkwanta-North District and Nkwanta South municipality.

By showing various respiratory infectious disease-centered movies on alternative days to indigenes of various communities, they hope to promote more understanding of the nature of COVID-19, its mode of transmission, and most importantly, the preventive measures which have been shown to be effective in containing and controlling it.

Thus, he has actively in conjunction with the District Health Directorate, and the District Police and Military Commands been carrying out these educational campaigns, which have so far yielded some positive impact, as more people are gaining an understanding of the disease and the need to adhere to various safety protocols.


Nonetheless, all these monumental feats could not have been realized, but for the courageous acts of sacrifice that Mr. Edmond Amos Ameamu has demonstrated and continue to demonstrate. It is instructive to note, that much of the funding often originates from his meager salaries.

If the nurse can, of his salary push such big developmental agendas, how much more can’t the sacrificial acts of society at large achieve?

He, however, has other concerns besides funding and risks involved in his journey as some community members do attack them on the field during their services. He is concerned about some aspects of the country’s response to COVID-19.

For instance, there have been many instances where contacts of confirmed cases have been left to move about freely in society.

Have we as a continent learnt any lessons from others that have been hard-hit by this virus? Think about it. The globe is hit, it takes you and me to solve this challenge.

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