The visions of Imam Khomeini transformed Palestinian issue into world’s primary issue

Imam Khomeini

These days, we are marking the 35th anniversary of the passing of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Imam Khomeini.

This memory has not faded or diminished throughout the years, as it rather increased in brilliance and radiance; because this great human being continued his bitter struggle against injustice and tyranny throughout his life and devoted himself to supporting the oppressed and the weak without getting tired or bored.

Mohammad Toutounchi
Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait, HE Mohammad Toutounchi
The late Imam was keen on unifying the Islamic ranks and reunification, confronting fragmentation and bickering, warning against the attempts of enemies to sow strife and division, dividing the ranks, promising peace and harmony, and rejecting conflicts and wars.

He eliminated the ‘takfiri’ and alien ideas that distorted the bright face of our true religion. This is the secret of the immortality of his ideas and proposals and what distinguishes him from the rest of the historical leaders.

Imam Khomeini was a theoretician, a political sage, a brave fighter, and a strategic thinker. Therefore, he identified the disease and the cure from the first days of his renaissance, as he predicted that the Palestinian uprising would continue until the Palestinian people obtained their just rights.

He emphasized that the Zionist entity is the cancerous gland implanted in the body of the Islamic nation and that liberating Jerusalem from the desecration of tyrants must be the concern of every Muslim. From this standpoint, he was pushing for Jerusalem to be the blood pulsing in the hearts of Muslims.

The last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan, which is one of the Nights of Destiny, was declared an international day for Jerusalem, as it is the first of the two ‘qiblas’ and the end of the night journey and the ascension, so that people can express their rejection of the Zionist aggression, support the truth, and stand by the oppressed, and so that the Palestinian cause remains alive in the conscience of peoples.

He is the first religious power to authorize support for Palestinian resistance fighters from legitimate sources of money and zakat.

Today, after all these years, we witness that the Imam’s vision regarding this bastard regime was correct, and that the brutal massacres he committed with all despicableness are increasing day after day in the face of the disgusting silence of countries that pay lip service to human rights as they see hundreds of defenseless women and children being killed and slaughtered in tents.

We see that the generation of young intellectuals and university graduates in many countries around the world have had the facts revealed to them and have begun to demand that their governments stand by the Palestinian right to sever ties with the racist Zionist regime.

The late Imam emphasized in his speeches that Israel’s ambitions go beyond occupying Palestine and displacing its people and that this entity aspires to bring the entire nation to its knees.

The revolution of Imam Khomeini (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) was neither the replacement of a closed dictatorial regime subordinated to a foreigner nor a mere political change, through which a group stepped down from power to be replaced by another group with new names.

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Rather, the Islamic Revolution was a profound, radical transformation in the country’s policy at all levels. It was the establishment of a State based on the people and their will, and characterized by independence, a State with an identity stemming from its civilization and religion, based on two pillars: “the word of monotheism and the unification of the word.”

The late Imam’s faith, his trust in Almighty Allah, and his adoption of authentic Mohammad’s (PBUH) Islam, far from fossilization, attracted young people who yearned for social justice and freedom, rejected American hegemony, and aspired for independence.

The 35th anniversary of his death comes to sharpen in us the determination to move forward on the path of truth, to which he was committed, and to remain a beacon that illuminates the paths of justice, faith, and hope for rising generations.

By Mohammad Toutounchi
Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran


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