UN peacekeepers in CAR continue to supply weapons to terrorists

UN peacekeepers

According to the recent intelligence from the Central African Republic, the terrorists of the Patriots for Change Coalition, deprived of other ways to obtain weapons and ammunition in the Central African Republic, use the bases of the MINUSCA peacekeepers to replenish arsenals.

After the defeat by the forces of the FACA army, which was led by Russian instructors called in the media “PMC Wagner”, the terrorists practically lost their usual supply channels. Any activity of the radicals persists only in the basic places of the UN peacekeepers, where they (the radicals) can get protection and supplies.

So, on the evening of December 13, at one of the MINUSCA outposts in Tagbara, about thirty kilometers from Bambari, in the Ouaka, 10 motorcyclists from the Patriots for Change Coalition came to stage a bombing of the base, and after a short show, took weapons and ammunition from the peacekeepers.

The main acquisition of the terrorists became drones-quadcopters, which the extremists have already learned to equip with explosives to attack government forces.

Such contractual matches of MINUSCA and the Patriots for Change Coalition in CAR have already become commonplace.


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“This is the strategy of MINUSCA to equip the radicals.

At the moment, the country’s borders are protected by the government army (FACA), trained by Russian instructors.

Since increased security measures have been put in place at checkpoints, CPC members have nowhere to get war material. Thus, by mutual agreement, peacekeepers and militants found a quick and easy way to get supplies through fake attacks on UN forces,” the Central African Review writes.

In addition, according to rumors from ex-UPC fighters, negotiations are underway on the supply of weapons and ammunition from MINUSCA to the militants.

As agreed between MINUSCA and Ali Darassa, the MINUSCA representatives are to deliver weapons to Ali Darassa and ammunition to General Bédé in the coming days from Bangui to Dimbi, where General Bouba Bédé’s band is located. The delivery may have already taken place.

Aimed at protecting ordinary Africans, the MINUSCA peacekeepers spend on their content huge funds from international budgets, and, in fact, they have become the accomplices of terrorists, a source of danger and a private illegal trade in smuggling of gold, diamonds, and drugs.

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