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Wisconsin Environment & Dev’t Society Launched

…As University Lecturer Calls For An End To Environmental Degradation

The need for concerted effort to arrest the degrading state of the environment has never been felt before than this era due to human activities, Dr. Louis Doe Atsiatorme, a Lecturer at the Department of Development and Environment, Wisconsin International University College, Ghana, has said.

He said even though the degrading state of the environment became topical many years ago it appears humanity’s efforts to arrest the situation have not proved effective either because of complacency or inability to implement strategies put in place to resolve the issues.

Dr. Atsiatorme stressed that it is rather unfortunate that since 1972, when humanity’s attention was drawn to the degrading state of the environment for the first time, human beings are still talking about desertification, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, and air pollution among others often caused by humanities irresponsible and selfish behaviour.

He said, “It appears we have become indifferent or have resigned ourselves to the destruction of the environment which is leading to one of the catastrophic threats to our planet-Climate Change.

Globally, some of these threats are the melting ice, sea levels, desertification, species change, and loss in Africa.
The major impacts have to do with agriculture and food security, access to water, forests, human health, coastal communities, and women and children as they are vulnerable in the society and are seriously hit by the impacts.”

Speaking at the launch of the Wisconsin Environment and Development Society(WEDS) in Accra, he said, children are one of the vulnerable groups that are affected by climate change as reflected by their lack of access to education, housing, and the right to a safe and clean environment.

Dr. Atsiatorme adds that through humanities activities children are being denied their rights. The impact of Climate Change on the rights of the African Child, according to him is invariably often neglected.

Climate change, he noted, has an impact on various rights recognized in the African Charter on the rights and welfare of the Child (the African Children’s Charter/the Charter), including the best interests of the child, the right to survival and development, the right to health and welfare and its consequential impact on the right to education, protection from harmful practices, non-discrimination and protection from violence and abuse including protection of children on the move.

In some places, the Wisconsin University Lecturer said, due to the impact of climate change, school children must walk about 3 kilometers in and 3 kilometers out searching for water before they go to school in the morning.

He said they invariably get to school late and tired and do not fully benefit from academic work.

Mr. Ibrahim Konney, the President of WEDS, in his remarks said his outfit is an environmental club and is open to all lovers of the environment.

He added that in times when there is a surge in environmental and development challenges, there was a need for a unified force to avert these challenges through awareness creation, stakeholder partnership, grassroots participation, and community-based approaches among others.

Mr. Konney said, “I believe as students, the formation of such a club would help us gain prior exposure and field experiences that would complement our knowledge gained in the classroom which I believe would help season us for the huge task ahead in our future line of duties as development practitioners, environmentalist, community project planners, and sustainability experts.

It is evident that much can be achieved through the formation of this club, as some relevant activities were planned by students and executed in the past in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Development which included a visit to the University of Ghana waste management site, tourist visit to waterfalls, online geospatial training, and many more which served as an eye opener for most students who participated.”

The President of WEDS said participation is key, integrity is everything, love is eminent and hard work is crucial for the sustainability of WEDS.

He urged all members to endeavor to embrace the above-mentioned virtues as students, executives, patrons, and lovers of the club to enable WEDS to achieve greater heights with the environment-inspired club.

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Dr. Hazel Berrard Amuah, the Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, on her part said her outfit believes that habits built by the youth stay with them for life and significantly impact their actions as adults.

She said the insurance company is partnering with secondary schools and universities like Wisconsin University to introduce Environment Social Governance (ESG) clubs and educate as well as support students to understand the basic tenets of ESG.

ESG, according to her, includes environmental initiatives as well as social development and governance initiatives that would make students responsible citizens and empower them with knowledge and skills to make them well-informed decisions as future leaders of Ghana.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa/capitalnewsonline.com

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