Zipline and CorpsAfrica Partner to Address Ghana’s Critical Blood Supply Needs


Zipline, the global leader in instant logistics, and CorpsAfrica, a global NGO that recruits and trains educated African youth as volunteers to live and work in rural, under-resourced communities, have joined forces to tackle the critical need for safe and adequate blood supplies in health facilities across Ghana.

This partnership aims to increase blood supplies through a series of comprehensive initiatives, leveraging the strengths and reach of both organizations to save more lives.

Despite the importance of a reliable blood supply for effective healthcare delivery, recent data has revealed a troubling trend of low voluntary blood donations in Ghana.

In 2021, only 26% of the 173,938 units of donated blood were collected from the general public (as opposed to family members and immediate friends of the recipients), and in 2022, this percentage slightly decreased to 25.3% of the 179,765 blood donations.

To combat this issue, Zipline, as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, has been actively working over the past several years to increase the availability of blood at various hospitals in the countries where it operates.

In 2023, for example, Zipline collaborated with the National Blood Bank in Ghana to organize 41 blood drives throughout Ghana, successfully collecting a total of 2,780 blood units. Similarly, Zipline’s work with the Rwandan blood system has translated to a 55% reduction in maternal mortality, according to a study by The Wharton School.

“We are committed to addressing the critical blood supply needs in Ghana. Our partnership with CorpsAfrica will significantly amplify our efforts, enabling us to reach more communities and save more lives,” said Miki Sofer, Senior VP of Partnerships at Zipline.

Zipline and CorpsAfrica will collaborate with the National Blood Service to coordinate monthly blood drives at different locations nationwide. This partnership aims to organize roughly 80 blood drives in 2024 – a substantial increase of more than 100% from what Zipline organized in 2023. The effort is expected to yield about 6,000 blood units.

“CorpsAfrica is thrilled to collaborate with Zipline on this vital initiative,” says Liz Fanning, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CorpsAfrica. “CorpsAfrica Volunteers across Ghana are eager to support these blood drives, enhancing sensitization campaigns, and mobilizing community support.”

The partnership looks forward to engaging community volunteers in various districts within the Zipline operational areas in Ghana (Omenako, Ashanti Mampong, Vobsi, Sefwi Wiawso, Anum and Kete Krachi) to actively participate in awareness campaigns aimed at promoting the importance of blood donation. Church groups, schools, and members of local communities are largely targeted to participate in this exercise.

Beyond the blood drives, the partners will also conduct awareness programs and provide training to healthcare professionals on effectively utilizing different blood components, such as Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), for specific medical situations.

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By enhancing the understanding and awareness of Zipline and CorpsAfrica’s capabilities, more health facilities can leverage the support offered in accessing essential blood products when needed.

“We encourage everyone within the region to be on the lookout for our publicity materials announcing dates and locations for the next blood drive. Together, let’s work to make blood available to save the lives of those who need it the most,’’ said Sofer.

About Zipline
Zipline is the global instant logistics leader. Its purpose is to inspire possibility, transform systems and serve all people equally. Zipline designs, manufactures and operates the world’s largest automated on-demand delivery service, which to date has made more than 1,000,000 commercial deliveries containing more than ten million units of vaccines and other medical products, reducing delivery emissions up to 98 percent compared to traditional methods. Zipline is the trusted partner for governments, global brands and leading health care systems.

About CorpsAfrica
CorpsAfrica recruits and trains educated African youth as volunteers to live and work in rural, under-resourced communities in their own countries. Operating on the core belief that African youth are the Continent’s greatest resource, the organization places volunteers in remote communities for up to one year to facilitate small-scale, high-impact projects that are identified by the community, many of which are related to health, economic empowerment, and climate change. CorpsAfrica has hosted over 900 volunteers and operates in ten African countries.


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